Which wallpaper and latex paint are more environmentally friendly? Advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper latex paint

However, people who ask for rice and oil may not know that the wall of our home is not like this at the beginning. It is very rough at first. It is very ugly, and people use wallpaper and latex paint to make them beautiful. Speaking of these two things, has always been a controversial contrast, which wallpaper and latex paint is more environmentally friendly ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two? The small series of the decoration home network brings you a specific introduction.


1. Which wallpaper and latex paint are more environmentally friendly?

1. Inductive environmental protection, decoration function, post-correction, and usual care, the wallpaper is still more in line with the current trend of smell. The appropriate room for the wallpaper may be latex paint, and there is no conclusion.

2, of course, wallpaper and latex paint cross-use, all rooms will appear to be more stylish to ensure durability, together with the necessary decoration, all rooms are mainly wallpaper; while the top is mainly white latex paint, supplemented by Part of the renovation, so better.

3. If you want to use wallpaper and latex paint for all households, you can use it in part to ensure that some of the exteriors, such as the TV set wall, can be used together with the appearance of the wallpaper. Have a certain level of hard work.

4, the decoration of the house, is the use of wallpaper is still paint? Industry sources said that wallpaper and paint do not contradict, the deployment can complement each other.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper

1, advantages

a, colorful, rich patterns

Through the design of different patterns of printing and embossing molds, the overprinting of multi-printing colors, and the matching of various embossing roads, the wallpaper patterns are multi-colored, and there are both plain papers suitable for office space and stable, and suitable for young people. The contrasting geometry of the fast-moving and unrestrained; you can see the flowers and papers of the mountains and trees without leaving the house, and the cartoon paper that caters to the children's taste and takes you into the world of wonderful fairy tales.

b, the price is suitable

The paper-based rubber surface wallpaper popular in the market, the price plus the construction fee, the total price is more than 10-20 yuan / square meter. A 20-square-meter room can be renewed for a few hundred dollars. This price structure is particularly suitable for the needs of the working class. Home space, hotel enjoyment, constantly seeking new and different, creating a popular domestic wallpaper manufacturing industry, so that your dreams come true.

c, short construction period

Use paint or paint decoration, the wall must be constructed at least three to five times, one day at a time, that is, one week. In addition, paints and coatings contain a large amount of organic solvents, and inhalation may have an impact on human health. Therefore, it is necessary to keep indoor ventilation for more than 10 days before check-in.

2, disadvantages

It is easy to be scratched and difficult to clean; the general wallpaper has high requirements on the wall and the indoor humidity. If the humidity is too large, it is easy to be affected by moisture and mold. The glue used for wallpapering is not necessarily environmentally friendly. The color fastness is poor, it is not resistant to scrubbing, the service life is short, the seam is easy to be visible, and the construction quality is difficult to control.


Third, the advantages and disadvantages of latex paint

1, advantages

a, good ventilation. Latex paint is formed by the evaporation of water, and the latex particles are deformed into a film. Therefore, it has good gas permeability, and also avoids the problem of foaming and falling off when the temperature difference between the coating films is large.

b, good water resistance. Latex paint is a one-component water-based paint that can be diluted with water during construction. However, after it is formed into a film after drying, the film is insoluble in water and has good water resistance.

2, disadvantages

a, storage temperature. Latex paint is a water-dispersible paint. The storage temperature should be above 0 °C during transportation, otherwise it may freeze.

b. Dry film formation is greatly affected by temperature and humidity. Latex paint is evaporated to form a film by evaporation of water, and the rate of evaporation of water depends on temperature, humidity, and wind speed, of which temperature and humidity are greatly affected. The temperature is high, the humidity is low, the wind speed is large, the water evaporates and dries quickly, and vice versa.

Through the above understanding, we will find that both latex paint and wallpaper have both advantages and disadvantages. We can't say which one is more environmentally friendly. We should combine our own actual situation when purchasing, we must know that we will not put the kitchen wall. The face is also decorated into a wallpaper, which is what everyone knows. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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