Which department should I look for in the decoration complaint? Take the right path of rights protection

Renovation of the house is a rigorous thing, there can be no sloppy, decoration problems, quality of decoration is not enough, first find the person in charge, according to the effective agreement signed the contract, is the problem of Party B, according to the proposed agreement, do Good communication, take responsibility, and then solve the problem well, leaving no trouble, then Xiaobian will take everyone to look at the relevant content of the decoration complaint .


First, the decoration company / product manufacturers

There are problems with the furniture and building materials, but the quality of the decoration is not enough. First, you should find the responsible person, that is, the corresponding manufacturer or decoration company. For example, wood floor color drop, tile color difference, leather furniture peeling, etc., are obvious quality problems, first of all, you can contact the brand's storefront or customer service, so that they can view and solve problems. If there are quality problems in the decoration, you can find the contractor, the supervision staff of the decoration company, and the customer service department of the decoration company to complain.

In addition to some responsible brands and companies, the average business will take a procrastination, or even a non-processing attitude. If it is a relatively large enterprise, the owner may directly complain to the company headquarters. If the headquarters attaches importance to word of mouth and credibility, it will order the relevant responsible person to solve it in time. If the complaint still does not receive a reasonable response from the headquarters, consumers can only find another way.

Second, the home store

Consumers generally buy furniture and building materials in their home stores. According to the reporter of the New Express, many home stores in Guangzhou have certain after-sales and complaint mechanisms. For example, some well-known stores also provide "first pay" services, that is, in the event of product quality problems, the store will pay first and communicate with the brand to help consumers solve problems.

The market with a large brand awareness and unified cashier has done more in this respect and has become a way to protect consumer rights. However, after all, the home store is only a leasing party with limited coercive power. If the brand business does not cooperate, the home store will not be able to help in most cases.


Third, industry associations

Industry associations are not official institutions, but as an integral part of the industry, industry associations take the lead in promoting corporate development. Building Decoration Association, Wardrobe Association, Waterproof Association... All major architectural and decoration industry associations will have member units, and many well-known enterprises in the industry have also joined in. If the company that encounters the decoration dispute happens to be a member of an association, it can complain to the association. Some companies will take into account the industry's reputation and will actively cooperate. But in the same way, industry associations are not mandatory and may not be able to solve the problem completely.

Fourth, the Industry and Commerce Committee

The Consumer Council of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau is the main agency for mediating consumer disputes. Regardless of which industry disputes consumers encounter, they can find complaints and mediations in the Consumer Council, as well as renovation issues. In general, the degree of cooperation of companies that have been eliminated by the Consumer Council is relatively higher. However, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau is not the competent department of decoration, and can only play a mediating role, but it does not have the force. If companies are unwilling to cooperate, it is difficult to bring them to justice.

V. Media supervision

Media supervision is a means for consumers to do so. When the multi-party mediation is invalid, it can also take the form of a complaint to the media. Some formal businesses are worried that bad behavior will be announced and willing to actively cooperate to solve the problem. However, media supervision is also not coercive, especially small companies that do not care about the brand image, and will ignore the requirements of the owners, which will eventually lead to difficulties in safeguarding rights.

6. Recourse to the law

When it is impossible to maintain its own rights and interests in various ways, consumers can only resort to the ultimate means of appealing to the court and requiring the decoration company or merchant to compensate for the infringement. Once it is determined that the company is at fault, the court judgment is legally mandatory and the company must also assume responsibility.

The above content is an introduction to the relevant content of the department in which the decoration complaint should be sought. I hope that readers will be able to see it and use it in real life. Well, today's introduction to the decoration complaints should be here. Thanks to the readers for reading this article and their support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more home decoration information, please continue to pay attention. Renovation home network.

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