US-Dutch scientists develop a new type of high-polymer material through "Computational Chemistry"

Recently, the IBM Institute of Technology in the United States has collaborated with scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands to combine laboratory experiments with high-precision calculations through “Computational Chemistry” to simulate the formation of new materials and develop two A variety of new high-polymer materials that can be recycled will be expected to revolutionize the processing and manufacturing industries such as transportation, aerospace, and microelectronics.

According to recent reports by the Physicist Organization Network, these new materials are first crack-resistant, stronger than bones, and can be deformed to self-heal. All materials can be completely restored to the original material. Moreover, it can also be "transformed" into a new polymeric structure, which increases its strength by another 50% and becomes another super lightweight material. Related papers were published in the journal Science.

Aerospace materials need to have good crack resistance, but the current polymer materials have limited resistance to cracking, and they are difficult to recycle and cannot be recast, self-heal, or thermally decomposed. Waste materials can only be disposed of using waste slag landfills. The research team found a new "family" of materials whose attributes can be widely adjusted as needed, and also bring more opportunities for exploring research and application development. The two new materials they developed have unique characteristics, including high hardness, resistance to dissolution, cracking and self-healing reinforcement.

These new polymeric materials are cheap and are linked together by condensation reaction macromolecules that form water or ethanol. The reaction is simple and easy to adjust. At 250[deg.] C., the polymer is recombined by covalent bonds, the removal of the solvent becomes stronger than the bone, but the disadvantage is brittle and brittle. It is not destructive in high-pH water but selectively decomposes in low-pH water, so under proper conditions, it can revert to its original material form and re-form new polymeric structures. Moreover, the polymer is mixed with carbon nanotubes or other reinforcing fillers, and can become stronger after being heated at a high temperature, possessing metal-like properties and used in airplanes and automobiles.

At room temperature, another kind of polymer material like elastic glue can be formed. The solvent is embedded in the polymer network. It not only has higher strength than most of the polymer materials, but also maintains flexibility, just like a rubber belt. If it cracks, the pieces are put together and they can be re-formed into chemical bonds in a matter of seconds. This nature makes it possible to recycle in a neutral environment, and to show itself in applications that require reversible reorganization.

Researchers point out that this non-traditional approach will bring many unprecedented new materials and accelerate the development of new materials. “Although great progress has been made in the research of high-performance materials, the current design of polymer materials still lacks many basic properties. Innovation in new materials is critical in responding to global challenges and developing new products.” James Hai, Advanced Organic Materials Scientist, IBM Research Institute Derek said, “Now, we can use calculations to predict how molecules will react in chemical reactions, create new polymer structures, help promote the development of new materials, and meet complex advanced materials in the transportation, microelectronics, or advanced manufacturing industries. Demand.” (Chang Lijun)

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