The sapphire era of smart mobile devices officially arrived in 2014

According to related news, Xiaomi plans to release his new mobile phone on Q3 or Q4 this year. The mobile phone uses a sapphire panel. In addition, many mobile phone manufacturers are planning their own next-generation mobile phones, which may also have sapphire. relationship. The market expects this will significantly boost demand for sapphire, and related listed companies are expected to benefit greatly.

According to media reports earlier, Apple will use sapphire as the phone cover glass in iphone6, and iWatch will use fingerprint verification technology on the 2-inch square sapphire screen. In 2014, sapphire is expected to be applied on smart watch screens and some high-end smartphone screens. It is expected to be widely promoted on mainstream smartphones in 2015.

From the current sapphire application structure, about 80% of the current application is on sapphire substrates, and about 20% is applied to non-substrate materials. TrendForce predicts that the sapphire material used in mobile devices such as smartphones in 2014 will be equivalent to the number of sapphire substrates used in LEDs, and will be twice as much as the demand for sapphire substrates for LEDs in 2015. The demand for sapphire in 2015 will be five times that of 2013.

Analysts pointed out that sapphire will become the most widely used new material in 2014. It is expected to include wearables such as iwatch, smart phones such as iPhone6, LED lighting cycle and commercial NB revolutions (touchpads, heat sinks), and other camera applications (such as security). Sapphire is expected to become a subdivided application component throughout the terminal.

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Fiber cement board Tital

Our "Iron Crown"   Fiber Cement Board  is a kind of high-density multi-functional building materials. Its main components are cement, natural organic fiber, artificial fiber and other assistant materials. It owns excellent machining performance. The installation method is as easy as the wood.

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Dimention 2440×1220; 2400×1200
Thickness 6-24mm
Technical  data
Density 1.5g/cm³
Moisture Content <6%
Thermal Coefficient 0.27W/(m.k)
Fire Rating Limited >4Hours
Noncombustiable Performance Combustibility A1
Bending Strength 19MPa
Frost Resistant No delamination and crack after 25 cycles under freezing and thawing


Fireproof Incombustible A1,
the boards will not burning when the fire broke out,won't produce any poisonous gas.
Waterproof and Moistureproof keep stable performance in high humidity place.
High Strength  impact strength 6.2KJ/m²
Non-toxic Non-radioactive in line with state protection standard
Good Machining performace can be dirlled, cut and stick up tile or wall paper, etc


1. Interior Decoration & Partition

interior application

Partition board Installation

FIREPROOF Cement Board

2. Exterior Facade Decoration 

wall panel for the house

3. Floor Board

flooring panel


fiber cement board

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ceemnt board

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package of cement board

PRODUCTION &FACTORY                                                                                                        

production line of fiber cement board


cement board

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Because their good function performance, such as fire-proof ,moisture-proof, sound-insulation,anti-corrosion, easily installed, save energy and labor cost, harmless to people's health.

Fiber Cement Board

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