The role and superiority of electric butterfly valve

Today, we will introduce the role and superiority of electric butterfly valves, which are generally used in the industry of controlled flow lines. In particular, electric butterfly valves are the most widely used in metallurgy, steelmaking, petroleum, and production lines, and they play a role as a pipeline system.

The structural feature of the electric butterfly valve is to use a ram that can be lifted up and down, and the electric butterfly valve allows the two sides to be pressed. In the flow of intercepting and restricting the pipeline, there are rare structures such as single gate, double gate, parallel and wedge. The electric butterfly valve has a fast opening and closing speed, a simple structure and a low cost, but the ability to tightness and pressure is not good.

The characteristics of the ball valve are similar to those of the gate valve, but it is difficult to achieve the large diameter due to the limitation of the volume and the opening and closing resistance. The electric butterfly valve should be a clip-on turbine driven hard seal butterfly valve, not flanged, and does not have the ability to eliminate water hammer. The function is to solve the problem of the pressing of the disc and the valve seat of the concentric electric butterfly valve, and thus the single eccentric electric butterfly valve is formed, and the structural feature is that the stem axis is deviated from the center of the disc, so that the lower end of the disc is no longer turned. The shaft center, the dispersion, and the excessive extrusion of the lower end of the disc and the valve seat are alleviated.

In order to eliminate the water hammer, it is necessary to install a water hammer absorber or a slow-closing check valve. Only the disc-shaped check valve with a slow-closing function prevents the water hammer. The sealing of ball valves is usually flexible and difficult to use in high temperature and high pressure pipes. In comparison, the electric butterfly valve seal is better than the ball valve. The check valve is characterized by restricting the flow direction of the medium and allowing the medium to flow in one direction. Commonly used are swing type and lift type. Now everyone knows some hidden effects of electric butterfly valves.

The intelligent electric butterfly valve system composed of the simple valve as the main valve has the following advantages: the intelligent electric butterfly valve 1 only needs the function of intelligent software on the basis of a simple circular spool to realize the valve stem and valve of the complex curved shape. The specific characteristics of the seat. In other words, the logic processing function of intelligent software replaces the complex machining technology of the traditional regulating valve spool and valve seat.

2. The traditional regulating valve is a pure hardware system, its characteristics are single and fixed. The intelligent electric butterfly valve is not the case, and it can be made to have many characteristics through the function of intelligent software. Use one of a variety of valve characteristics to automatically adjust the smooth operation of the system.

3. Due to the difficulty in machining the conventional regulating valve, it is impossible to manufacture a regulating valve with a large diameter of more than a millimeter. It is now successfully solved by the intelligent electric butterfly valve technology. This is because the main valve of the intelligent electric butterfly valve is a common electric butterfly valve whose diameter is now up to millimeter. The valve characteristics are not affected by the pipe diameter, but depend on the software programming.

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'The role and superiority of electric butterfly valve

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