The principle and use of woven bag printing machine

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Today, we are talking about the principle and use of the woven bag printing machine , and hope to let you know more about the equipment.

First, the principle of woven bag printing machine

First make the printed text and image into a printing plate, put it on the woven bag printing machine , then apply the ink to the place where the text and image are printed on the printing plate by manual or printing machine, and transfer it directly or indirectly to the weaving. On the bag, copying the same print as the plate.

Second, the use of woven bag printing machine

The woven bag printing machine is used for the printing of characters and patterns indicated by various woven bag materials. One of the working cycles is: feeding the piece → positioning → falling the plate → descending to the ink plate, rising back to the ink plate → scraping the stroke → rising to Ink plate → drop back to ink board → lift plate → ink return stroke → release positioning → receive.

In the continuous cycle action, as long as the function can be realized, the time occupied by each action should be as short as possible to shorten the synchronization of each work cycle and improve work efficiency.

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