The overall cabinet cabinet size

With the rise of the whole cabinet, more and more home kitchen decoration will choose to install a suitable whole cabinet. When purchasing the whole cabinet, the overall cabinet size should be our most troublesome problem. Today, we look at the whole with Xiaobian. The best size of the cabinet is introduced.

1, the height of the cabinet table should be suitable for common height

In general, the workbench is divided into high and low levels: the high size is 890-9lomm, which is the size commonly used in Western countries; the low size is 810-840mm, which is the size commonly used in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Now, some kitchen cabinets can be adjusted to the foot to make the work surface reach the appropriate scale. Workbench to the bottom of the cabinet, the high size is 600mm; the low size is 500mm. The layout of the kitchen cabinet and the height of the work bench should suit the height of the housewife.

2, stove, hood, refrigerator should be considered

The two-seater stove is 600mm high. After the stove is placed on the double-burner, 150mm or 200mm is added, which is roughly equal to the 810mm high work table. If the stove is higher than 600mm, the housewife will feel inconvenient when cooking.

If using a plane furnace (four-head furnace, furnace cabinet), the furnace height should be 890mm and the stove bench should be deep-cut 10mm, and it must not be less than 460mm. When the place is large, it can use 600mm.

The height of the range hood should be such that the distance from the furnace surface to the bottom of the machine is 750mm. If the refrigerator is cooling in the back, both sides should stay 50mm, the top should stay 250mm space, otherwise slow heat, it will affect the function of the refrigerator. As for the depth of cabinets, in the same kitchen, it is best to use 300mm and 350mm two sizes (side wall, a depth) in order to set the amplifier.

3, hands can reach the first cabinet

When a housewife stands, she should open her hand to open the cabinet door and raise her hand to reach the first compartment of the wall cabinet. In this horizontal space between 600 and 1830mm, place common items called "usual supplies area".

The workbench of the kitchen table should not be less than 900mm x 460mm. Otherwise, the object could not be placed. If there are not enough places, consider placing microwaves, ovens, etc. on an elevated platform to free up the work surface.

Summary: The best size of the whole cabinet is introduced to this, oh, if you have more confusion about the best size of the whole cabinet, you can leave a small message to the bottom of the list.

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