The global giants detonated the smart home smart home's vents have arrived

Since Google acquired the smart home company NEST for $3.2 billion in 2014, the global technology giants have successively deployed the smart home market, and a market battle for “staking a horse” has quietly started. Recently, "Wu Xiaobo Channel" published an article "Why is the development of smart home more likely to rely on China? "The era of smart home has come. No matter international technology companies or Chinese Internet companies, they are developing smart home appliances. This is already a visible sight."
The vent of smart home has arrived
The layout of global technology giants has caused the smart home market to detonate in advance. Foreign countries use artificial intelligence to cut in, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., through the introduction of voice control with centralized control capabilities as the central platform of smart home; domestic use of the deepening application of the Internet of Things, through the Internet and home appliance companies to explore and let smart chips Home hardware products can share data and interconnect.
The cowman Zuckerberg transforms his home into intelligence, and his parents can open the door of his house without a key.
According to the German research institute GFK, in 2018, the market for smart homes in China alone is as high as 180 billion yuan. "Wu Xiaobo Channel" judged: the slogan of smart home has arrived, and it is now in China. "Wu Xiaobo Channel" is a self-media program created by the famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo. It ranks second in the brand value list of new financial media, and its influence is second only to CCTV Finance.
Why is smart home now a predator? The article puts forward two major reasons: one is the advancement of science and technology, the deep application of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies to help the explosive growth of smart homes; the second is the exhaustion of the Internet's innovation dividend, mobile phones, automobiles, retail, etc. Innovatively, the Internet giants have turned their attention to home scenes.
Why can China dominate the smart home market? According to the data of Fangtianxia, ​​there are more than 10 cities in China with more than 50,000 sets of second-hand housing transactions in 2017. Even with a 1% decoration rate, the smart home market has great potential. Compared with the foreign real estate transaction volume data report, the average sales of the property in 53 metropolitan areas in the United States has increased to 51 days in May 2017.
On the other hand, "Wu Xiaobo Channel" believes that China is the world's largest home appliance manufacturing country, and also has the world's top Internet companies. They have cooperated to form a complete smart home industry chain, which has a first-mover advantage compared to the global smart home counterparts. At the same time, Chinese Internet companies such as Baidu and Alibaba, the research and development of artificial intelligence technology has also been amazingly global, and there is no technical weakness.
The whole house interconnection is the key to catching the wind
The wind is coming, not every company engaged in smart home research can seize. "Wu Xiaobo Channel" believes that it needs to meet four points: First, we must truly solve the pain points of users and provide more than 300% of excellent experiences, so that consumers can change their habits. In addition, if prices fall, prices will be difficult to promote and popularize; The product should be easy to learn and use, making it easy for ordinary people to get started and easy to operate.
The most important point is that the smart home must be connected to the entire scene. Throughout the development of the home appliance industry can be divided into three stages, the first is the traditional functional appliance, must rely on human engineering operation sequence; followed by a single intelligent devices, enables the mobile phone APP control; third stage is the conscious connection with active The device realizes data sharing and interconnection between home appliances and home appliances, and provides a whole house scene experience.
The whole house scene experience is one of the key elements to implement the intelligent home market
What is the whole house scene experience? In the article, a new brand is specially proposed - Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise Yunmi Whole House Internet Appliance Company. It is understood that Yunmi locates the whole house Internet appliances, and its whole house water purification system is implanted with a variety of water quality sensors, sharing data and interconnection with washing machines and dishwashers. According to the washing requirements of the washing machine, it is provided with high-quality softened water and starts the soft water washing mode. When working in the dishwasher, if the water purification system has been removed, the soft water device of the dishwasher will stop this part of the work and avoid consumables.
It is understood that Yunmi will participate in the 2018AWE, which opened on March 8, and on the second day of the exhibition, it will release the world's first full-featured Internet appliances, covering kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, living rooms, bedrooms and other scenes. The single water purification system has been so amazing, and the new products of Yunmi's whole house Internet appliances will bring surprises. Everyone is interested to visit the 2018AWE exhibition from March 8th to 11th.
Zuckerberg used to make the smart housekeeper Jarvis in sci-fi movies come to reality; nowadays, the few people he represents already have a smart home, and every ordinary person will be able to own it. The future has come and it is worth looking forward to.

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