The 11 principles of Feng Shui must be seen in buying a new house

With the continuous renovation of the household trend, the homes that combine the use value and the ornamental value are more and more people's attention. People spend more time, energy and money on choosing the house and decoration. But always, all the decoration is for people, so before the decoration, we must do the following homework, let the new home Fengshui help the transportation, so that the home becomes a place of harmony between heaven and human.

First, sit on the road

The feng shui of Yangzhai lies in whether or not it is in the right direction. If you are in the right direction, you will be lucky. If you are declining, you will have a bad spirit. Therefore, there are clouds in the ancient books: the first star disaster. The orientation of the Yangzhai feng shui is not based on the gate of a suite, but is based on the entrance of a building. To judge whether a building is in transit or not, it must be calculated by the ternary space method of ternary nine stars. There are two methods as follows:

Collecting water in the mountains (the saying of zero god and the god of justice). For example, the eighth god (2004-2023) is the northeast side, and the right side is the southwest side, so if there is water (or road) in the northeast, it is the house of Wangcai, if there is water in the southwest. It is a house of wealth. Wangshan Wang Xiang (Xuankong Feixing Law). For example, the eighth Yunshan Wangwang is a building in the northeast of the southwest.

Second, the main rules

In the feng shui of Yangzhai, the gate is crucial. In the "Yang Zhai San Yao", the "door", "main", and "kit" are called three essentials. The door is the way. There is a cloud in "Eight House Mirror": "The main gate of Yangzhai is the main gate, and the gate is the mouth of the gas. Also cloud: "The house is a good fortune, the road is help, the door is discerning." The method of selecting the gate is as follows:

1, the door matches: 卦 is a personal life, which is often said that the East Fourth Life and the West Fourth Life. According to this method, the gate must be matched with the life and the door must be opened in the angry side and the Yannian side to collect the anger.

2, star to the door: This method is calculated using the Xuankong Feng Shui method. That is to say, when the star arrives at the gate, it can collect the mountain and smash it. Fortune Star (water) to the door to see the real water fortune, Ding Xing to sit on the mountain to see the real water master Ding Wang.

3, zero positive suffocating gas: This is also the Xuankong Feng Shui method. At the gate, no matter whether it is to the water or to the road, it can be used to collect the gods, and the mountains are really sighed.

Third, the house must be square

To be a person, you must be square. The house is like a human being, and the house is the same. It must be square and taboo. The taboo and the octagonal, the people and the house are inductive. If the house you live in is square and square, it will be fair and impartial for a long time, and the appearance will change. As time goes by, the male will become square and the woman will become dignified and generous. On the other hand, if the house you live in is unjust, the length of the person will become skewed and the nose and waist will bend. At the same time, Founder's house gives a feeling of stability and security, and the unreasonable house gives people an unsafe feeling.

Fourth, the surrounding environment is good

When buying a house, the surrounding environment is also very important. In addition to the traditional Zuo Qinglong, Right White Tiger, former Suzaku, Hou Xuanwu, etc., it is also necessary to consider whether there is any radon around, such as low pressure å›› (four sides have buildings, bridges, signs, etc.), reflective ç…ž (glare reflection) , snoring, smelling, cutting the ankles (too close to the road), slashing knives (bridge or road into the opposite bow), white tiger squatting (there is ground on the right side of the building), wearing a sword (the corridor is too long), flying blades, Ladders, etc.; in addition, the houses should not be confronted with government agencies, fire brigades, hospitals, electric houses, garbage pools, telephone poles, etc.

Five, yang is enough

The soul of China's Yijing lies in the balance of yin and yang. People must balance yin and yang, houses should balance yin and yang, and the light of houses should be balanced by yin and yang. Book cloud: Yin and Yang, the truth of heaven and earth. Dark is yin, light is yang, and yin and yang balance everything to grow. Jingyun: Lonely yin is not born, but not alone. There are too many windows in the house, the yang is too strong, the wealth is difficult to gather; the windows are few, the sun is not seen all day long, the darkness is heavy, the yin is heavy, and it is easy to cause the ghosts to be blamed and sick. Therefore, the light of the house is moderate, the balance between yin and yang, the wealth is good, and the body will be good.

Six, water fire avoid cross

The water here refers to the bathroom, and the fire refers to the kitchen. There are clouds in ancient books: water and fire do not leave a cross. It means that it is not appropriate to have a kitchen and toilet in the front, back, front left, right and right of the house and the center of the house. This is based on the following considerations, the toilet is a land of filth, the land of solitude, the place to be disadvantaged, and the kitchen is the place to cook, the side of the yang, the right side. In modern buildings, the kitchen and toilet are fixed, so be sure to observe when buying, not on the cross. Water and fire are committed, easy to live unsatisfactory things, wealth is repeated, disease is over, and peach blossoms are not many. If the toilet is in the middle of the house, it will be soaked in water, and it will be easy to get heart, stomach, liver, lung and small intestine. The cross of the house is not yin and yang, and it is easy to suffer from excretion, head, eyes, mouth, hands and feet.

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