Smart woman pays attention to the five home feng shui lock men's heart

Want to know which home feng shui can best retain men's hearts? The smart woman not only has to lock the man's heart from the stomach, but home feng shui also has this magical effect. Which home feng shui will lead to men's attention, come and see!

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1, decorating too much: the so-called decorating is too much to put the home as a hotel, or a radiant, as if it is a lounge or art gallery, a decoration you will feel that her husband will begin to take care of, he is here When he sees such things every day, his mentality begins to fluctuate. For example, he will sneak away and drink at night, which means his wife can't control him.

2, the left is too strong: from the home to see the left and right, left for men, right for women, if the left is too strong is the husband is too strong, the left side includes indoor and outdoor are counted, for example, the left side of the living room put a very high Cabinets, cupboards, but there is almost nothing on the right side, it is very extreme, or you look out from the balcony, the outside may be a high building or a large hillside, but the right does not have anything. On the left, if you are strong, you will feel the relationship. The men who live in this home are more and more powerful or more powerful. The older men do not listen to their wives.

3, the bedroom of the lane: usually refers to the first floor of the bedroom, if there is a lane next to the bedroom on the first floor, or the entire community lane import and export, if your bedroom just outside is to see the lane, if the man does not want to go out, see When I got into the car, I felt like I hadn’t done anything yet. When I saw the car going out, he wanted to go out. Even if there wasn’t anything, it’s easy to go out and look for things. At this time, of course, your wife is not easy to control your husband. Now.

4. The toilet has two doors: The toilet usually has only one door. It is not facing the living room or the enclosed suite. However, for convenience, some people design it as two. In fact, this is a very bad design. Because when a person is in the toilet, which is the most secret time, there are two doors that will become you always have to pay attention to whether there are people knocking on the door to come in. There is not enough privacy and security, and the husband will naturally control. Can't live.

5. Four sides hang down: A house is particularly tall. The downside is called hanging on all sides. Some villas are in high places. It will not be surrounded by mountains. It may have a backing on one side and the Taipei Basin on the other side. It is very good, but if there is no backing, it will be very dangerous. The first wind blows a lot, it is not good for health, the second is easy to recruit thief thieves, and the third is that this male master will not listen to others, and think of it. Will not listen to his wife's words!

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