Restaurant decoration Feng Shui precautions

The decoration points of the restaurant are from the perspective of Feng Shui. The restaurant is closely related to the owner's temperament because of the physical fitness. A well-decorated restaurant creates a pleasant atmosphere, helps digestion, and benefits the diners' communication with family members. The first point of the restaurant decoration is the orientation of the restaurant. The location of the restaurant and kitchen is best adjacent, avoiding too far distances, but eating at the table should avoid seeing the fire.

The location of the restaurant is as follows: the east, southeast, south and north of the house. The orientation of the restaurant must be selected according to the specific conditions to create a good dining environment.

(1) The restaurant should choose the south of the house.

The sun is full of light, and the south is a fire, which can make the family's roads soar and prosperous. The east and southeast are wood, and the sun rises from the east in the morning. It has a strong vitality and vitality, so it is the last place for breakfast. The restaurant in spring and autumn is oriented towards the east, while the summer is better in the north. The primary focus in the eating area is to keep it tidy to maintain food hygiene, while also creating a relaxed eating atmosphere that is well digested and has a pleasant environment. Of course, it is impossible for every household to change restaurants according to the season.

(2) The restaurant should be avoided in the fierce position.

For example, the real estate feng shui naphthalene is not like, use the space adjacent to the toilet as a restaurant, if it is difficult to avoid, the table should be as far away as possible from the toilet. The pattern should be square and there should be no corners or protruding corners. The best of rectangles or squares is also the easiest to decorate.

(3) The restaurant should be decorated with bright colors and bright lighting.

The restaurant should be decorated with bright colours and bright lighting to increase the energy and yang of the fire. Place plants here to enhance yang and wealth. The decoration of the restaurant should avoid suffocating. Sharp corners and beams will emit radon, and the roof should be resolved with the bonsai, while avoiding sitting under the beam. The solution is to install an elevation lamp that directs the beam. The decoration of the restaurant should be coordinated by yin and yang, slightly sunny. In order to increase yang, it is best not to place the ancestral portrait or antique furniture and other items in the restaurant. The yin is too heavy and harmful to the family.

(4) The decoration of the restaurant should be auspicious.

Every member of the family should sit in one of the four squares of this life. Adjust the seat of the household responsible for the livelihood. Let him sit in the air. The mother should sit on the Yannian side because it represents family and happiness. It is best for the children who are studying to face the volts. If the elders in the family sit in front of the doctors, they can stay healthy. The number of seats on the table also has an impact on the family.

(5) The layout of the restaurant should be simple and elegant.

Don't put too many items so that people who live too much should pay attention not only to the layout and layout of the restaurant, but also to keeping the air clean and hygienic. The fridge is usually placed in the kitchen, but it is also in the restaurant. If the restaurant is equipped with a refrigerator, it is best not to face the south in the north, because it can be cold in the north, and can avoid water, leading to many corners in the home. The shape of the dining table also has important feng shui significance. The table is preferably shaped or oval to avoid sharp corners. If you use a square dining table, you should avoid sitting angles to avoid being hit by suffocation. Chinese people are used to eating with chopsticks and spoons, avoiding the use of sharp forks to prevent rushing. The dishes usually also have mascots such as dragons, bats or peaches as decorations. I like to drink tea after lunch and remove greasy. A mirror is placed in the dining area to reflect the food on the table and double the wealth. This is the only place in the home where you can hang the mirror to reflect the food. Others such as the kitchen can never hang the mirror, because it will lead to accidents or fires. The restaurant is suitable for the Fushou Sanxian, symbolizing wealth, health and longevity. In addition, pictures of fruits and foods will bring good luck. Oranges represent wealth, peaches represent longevity and health, and pomegranates represent many children and grandchildren.

(6) Decorative points of the restaurant wine cabinet.

For many families, the wine cabinet is also an indispensable landscape of the restaurant. It displays different wines to add a gorgeous color to the restaurant. Most of the wine cabinets are tall and long. For Feng Shui, this is a symbol of the mountain. The short and flat dining table is a symbol of sand water. There are mountains and water in the restaurant, which fits well and is beneficial to the house transportation. There are a few points to be aware of when placing a wine cabinet in a restaurant, so as not to damage the feng shui of the house: the wine cabinet is high and crystal clear. It is a symbol of a mountain. It can be placed in the life of the singer, which can meet the needs of Jifangyi Gaoyi. Feng Shui is righteous. If the head of the household is in the East, the wine cabinet should be placed in the east, southeast, south and north of the restaurant. If the head of the household belongs to the West Fourth Life, the wine cabinet should be placed in the west, west, northwest and northeast of the restaurant. The lenses in the wine cabinet should not be too large. The general wine cabinets use lenses to make the backboard, which makes the wine and crystal wine glasses in the wine cabinet brighter and more transparent. However, if the lens is too large, it will cause many problems in Feng Shui. inconvenient. The wine cabinet should not be placed next to the fish tank: the wine cabinet is a heavy-water furniture, and the fish tank is watery. The nature of the two is similar. If it is placed together, it will form a flood of water. If there is nowhere to move, a pot of evergreen plants can be placed between the wine cabinet and the fish tank, which is separated by a piece of wood between the two waters to eliminate excessive moisture.

(7) Decoration points of the restaurant bar.

In larger restaurants, some families prefer to use a bar instead of a wine cabinet. The bar is the same as the wine cabinet, and the water and gas are heavy. Therefore, the requirements for feng shui are basically the same. The bar should be placed in the corner of the restaurant, which is in line with the feng shui and meets the design requirements. The family bar is suitable to be placed in the corner of the restaurant. It can be designed to be "one" or "L" according to the specific conditions without hindering the smooth passage of the restaurant. Because the cabinet is water, and the water is flexible and changeable, it is not afraid of being pressed, so it is fine to put it on the bottom of the stairs. Some families who do not like drinking alcohol do not place wine cabinets in the restaurant, but instead use cup cups that hold cups and saucers. At this time, the cupboards should not be too wide or too long.

If the cup is used to fill the entire wall, there is no room for blanks, which is not ideal. If the cupboard is as long as the wall, it should be changed to a low cabinet, which can improve the restaurant's feng shui. According to Feng Shui, the well-arranged restaurant Feng Shui can make the family happy, healthy and rich. As the saying goes, home and everything, restaurant feng shui is the key to promoting family members to live in harmony. Good restaurant feng shui can not only unite the centripetal force of family members, but also have the role of lucky. Dining is a very important ritual act of Chinese culture. The whole family must have at least one meal a day, and the relationship will be harmonious.

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