Renovation kitchen to do waterproof? Kitchen waterproofing precautions

The houses are designed to be kitchen and bathroom, but these places are waterproof. In general, the bathroom will be waterproof. So we have to know more about waterproofing, but many people ask the kitchen to ask Don't do waterproofing, then do the kitchen renovation waterproof? What are the kitchen waterproofing precautions? If you want to know the next step, let me introduce you to the small series of decoration techniques.


First, the renovation kitchen to do waterproof?

Originally, the kitchen is also a lot of water, and there will always be water on the ground. If it is not waterproof, then the water may flow into the wall through the gap of the wall, causing leakage. And if the drain pipe is blocked, it will also form water on the ground, so that the water will pass through the cement layer and will leak. Once the kitchen leaks, it is necessary to waste more financial resources, manpower, time to rework or repair. If you want to knock out the floor tiles and find the water pipes in the cement layer, then repair them, then re-attach the floor tiles, etc., to bring life to the owners. A lot of inconvenience. Therefore, it is necessary to waterproof the kitchen.


Second, the kitchen waterproof notes

1. If you need to replace the original floor tiles of the bathroom, after the original floor tiles are cut, you must first level the floor with cement mortar and then do waterproof treatment, so as to avoid leakage due to uneven thickness of the waterproof coating. Before doing waterproofing, be sure to clean the floor and apply it repeatedly with polyurethane waterproof coating for 2 to 3 times.

2. The basic level of the waterproof layer should not be uneven, loose, hollow, sanded or cracked. The water content is less than 10%. The ground waterproof layer of the kitchen and toilet with floor drain is lifted up in contact with the wall body, no less than 25 cm above the ground, no flooding, no water accumulation, no leakage in the 24-hour water shut-off test.

3. Polyurethane waterproof coating is the most common type of waterproof coating on the market. It should have a factory certificate and should be used after passing the retest. In the construction of the film waterproof material, the mixing ratio is accurate, and must be stirred vigorously with an electric mixer. The coating is even and thin, and it is not allowed to leak and leak bottom, and it will be used up within the specified time. The floor drain, the root of the pipe, the water outlet, and the root of the sanitary ware (edge) should be rounded, the slope meets the design requirements, and the seal is tight and sealed .

The kitchen of the house is sure to be waterproof, so what are the precautions when decorating the kitchen to do waterproofing and waterproofing? I believe that through the introduction of the above small series, everyone knows about these, then if you want to know more For decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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