Reasonable layout of the cloakroom to create a beautiful home

The living space of modern cities is constantly expanding, and life is more tasteful. Home life is no longer limited to living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms. More and more people upgrade their large wardrobes into walkable cloakrooms, so that Amy’s heart also has its own home. . How can we rationally lay out the cloakroom and create a beautiful home environment?

The cloakroom is divided into three types according to the space conditions: one is a cloakroom embedded in the wall, and has a certain step-in space; the other is a separate cloakroom made of a separate room, which is a relatively independent activity area; The cloakroom, which is combined with the restroom to form a private open space, forming a private space for bathing, dressing and dressing.

The cloakroom can be arranged in an I-shape, an L-shape or a U-shape according to the site. As long as you arrange the functions, colors and spaces reasonably, you can arrange a fun and cloakroom.

1. First of all, different functional areas have aura based on size, virtual reality, primary and secondary, and patchwork.

2. Metal gadgets are the elf in the cloakroom. Tie clips, hanging pants racks, metal pull baskets, and removable push-pull mirrors will provide you with intimate professional care. Choose a suitable place to arrange these metal parts for you. The cloakroom offers a lot of convenience.

3. Match the cloakroom with romantic lighting, elegant wallpaper, and the cloakroom has the taste of the owner.

4. The cabinet of the cloakroom has a rich selection of colors, which is the embodiment of the owner's personality hobby, but the small space characteristics of the cloakroom determine that the cabinet should be mainly bright or neutral. The white oak with a small area of ​​black walnut seen by the author in the overall wardrobe store of Hao Laike is a classic combination.

5. The cloakroom should be simple and tidy as the principle, and the function should be reasonable. The cloakroom can be divided into the hanging area, the stacking area, the underwear area, the footwear area and the bedding area. If the conditions permit, the clothing is divided between men and women. There is no neat and tidy principle, and once the colorful clothing is included, it will appear messy.

6. The sliding door of the cloakroom is a landscape of the bedroom space, which is worthy of your selection. If your home is in a classic style, it can't be matched with the sliding door. No problem. Just match a similar color or pattern on the sliding door to match the bedroom home to achieve harmony between space and form. Even if the cloakroom does not match the bedroom furniture, this sliding door can also play a natural transition.

7. Finally, don't forget the small accessories in the cloakroom, a small light, a bunch of small flowers, a small photo frame, will make your space wonderful.

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