Ppr tube manufacturers teach you how to connect water pipes

Ppr tube manufacturers teach you how to connect water pipes

How to connect Ppr tube? Renovated friends and friends who like manual DIY will be interested. Let's learn from the ppr tube manufacturers.

Ppr tube manufacturers teach you how to connect water pipes

Hot melt connection

The most straightforward method of business hot melt connection is also an essential connection method. Need tools: fuser.

When using a fuser to weld polypropylene pipes, it is necessary to control the temperature to be welded. The outer wall of the pipe and the inner wall of the pipe should be melted at the same time, and the temperature adjustment should be consistent. After the hot melt is completed, insert them together, do not rotate or move, so as to avoid gap leakage. .

2. Pipe connection

Commonly used ppr pipe fittings have elbows, direct, tee, and joints.

The wired pipe fittings can be directly screwed and installed, and the raw material tape can be sealed in the middle.

Tubes without wires require a hot melt connection as described above.

Ppr pipe manufacturers pay attention to everyone: polypropylene pipe connection requires professional masters to operate, especially the renovation of water pipes, the most need to ask professional manufacturers such as Yajie Pipe Industry to operate, the connection quality is guaranteed, will not leak.

In addition, if the water pipe in the home is concealed, it must be done in accordance with the design requirements and the actual conditions of the construction. If the pipe is buried, remember that the interface under the ground is not too much. Each additional pipe adds several times the possibility of water leakage.
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Fiberglass Grating

The fiberglass grating also named FRP grating & fiberglass grid, and the fiberglass grating panels can be made into FRP grating cover, fiberglass walkway grating, Fiberglass Trench Grating and so on.

The fiberglass grating is light in weight and has good elasticity, so it can be cut freely during the installation process, without using lifting equipment, and only a small amount of labor and cutting tools are required. Because the FRP grid is made of non-metallic materials, the corrosion resistance of the FRP grid is very good. The FRP grid will not rust and rust under the chemical medium, nor will it damage the structure of the material.

Beyond that, the color of fiberglass grating including yellow, gray, green and as your demands.

fiberglass grating

Fiberglass Grating

Fiberglass Grating,Fiberglass Dock Grating,Fiberglass Trench Grating,Frp Ceiling Grid Mesh