Old house reloading is not simple, the five major links cannot be saved.

Ms. Fu, who lives in Tianzhu Garden, recently complained about the newly-purchased second-hand house decoration: “This suite was rented by the landlord for office use, so the original decoration was not only increased, but also the decoration was very simple. It is also not suitable for living and use. It must be completely reintroduced. Now it is only about 10,000 yuan to remove the partition wall and the original floor tile floor. If you have dozens of bags of slag garbage, you need to ask someone to clear it... ..." Ms. Fu's second-hand house decoration has just started. It has been found that the second-hand house decoration that was prepared to "just stay with it" has no way to "just". There are too many problems in the old house decoration: old pattern, aging of water and electricity lines, heating Running water, wall cracking... Experts of the Friends of the Association recommended that the second-hand house decoration not only has more budget than the new one, but also the basic project needs special attention, some money can be saved.

Old property protection

At present, the demand for renovation of old houses can be divided into two major categories. One is partial renovation: wall renovation, kitchen renovation, and bathroom renovation; the other is to completely transform the house back to its original shape and re-construction. It is worth noting that most owners choose to renovate the wall when the items in the house are not moving. At this time, pay special attention to the protection of old objects. At present, some home improvement companies or building materials brands are exempt from protection fees for promotion. Some more professional old house decoration service providers charge fees according to the protection of square meters. The difference between charges and no charges is required. Consumers need to understand before renovation. clear. In addition, the process of protection involves the handling of furniture, and whether the handling is charged, different companies have different policies; it also involves protective materials, such as the use of more stringent protective materials such as gypsum board or wood board, the charge is higher.

Demolition costs are not allowed

To reinvent the remodeling of old houses, it is usually necessary to dismantle the wall to change the pattern, and the spatial structure has changed, so that the old houses can functionally meet the requirements of future life. This is also the most important part of the renovation of old houses, so It takes a lot of money, energy and time.

Specifically, the cost of renovation of old houses is higher than that of ordinary new houses. The cost of removal is to remove floor tiles, walls, demolished wooden floors, ceilings, wooden doors, old sanitary ware, lamps, etc. Some are packaged for overall charges, some are pressed The price of flat meters, regardless of the method of pricing, the cost is more than several thousand yuan, which is indeed a small expenditure in the renovation costs, usually can be negotiated according to the amount of demolition.

Hydropower transformation can not save

A very difficult problem in the renovation of old houses is the transformation of hydropower lines. In particular, some old houses with a history of 20 to 30 years have serious aging of hydropower lines. If they are not re-routed, they will seriously affect normal life. How to renovate hydropower correctly and economically The line is an important issue facing the industry. Experts suggest that in the process of hydropower transformation, it is necessary to pay attention to the abandonment of the outdated galvanized pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe, etc., and choose a new type of plastic steel pipe.

Old houses have fewer switch sockets, but nowadays people use more and more electrical appliances. Therefore, the renovation of old houses requires designers to have rich life experience. According to people's current living habits, re-planning and setting up wiring and switch sockets. .

In addition, when the old house is renovated, the various lines of the bathroom or kitchen are laid, and even when the wall is modified, it is easy to damage the original waterproof design of the building. Therefore, be careful when constructing, if you destroy the original ground, you must redo the waterproof.

Door and window renovation can not save

Doors and windows are the most easily forgotten links in the renovation of old houses. Experts believe that doors and windows are not trivial matters, and must not allow an omission to affect the overall situation. When the refurbishment was over, the old windows and doors were revealed, and it was too late to change.

The degree of aging of doors and windows can be divided into: First, the wooden doors and windows are peeled and deformed, which means that the characteristics of the wood itself change, and must be removed and redone; but if the material is compact and the surface paint film is intact, the decorative panel can be attached during the second construction. Use it. Second, the paint film on the surface of steel doors and windows is detached, and the main body is rusted or cracked. In order not to affect the use effect, it is best to remove the redo.

Furniture soft decoration can not be saved

Most of the secondary renovations are eager to stay, which will make the ventilation time less after renovation, so environmental protection is a very important part. The renovation of old houses should be as simple as possible, with functional decoration such as furniture and soft furnishings to meet the needs of living. The decoration can be simple and simple, and the missing parts are supplemented by late soft loading. In the decoration process, you can use the original decoration, use wall paint, wallpaper or wall covering to change the wall feeling, make fabric curtains, sofa cushions, and use soft clothes to pursue a new feeling. In addition, partial replacement of furniture is also a good way to choose a bright color lounge chair, single-seat sofa and other single products to add fresh elements in the home. Zhong Jie

Plastic Frame Shaker Screen

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Dimension 1165mm x 585mm (45.75″ x 23″)
Screen Type Frame Screen
Frame Material Carbon Steel / Composite Material
Wire Mesh Material S.S304 or S.S316 as per request
Screen Layer 2 or 3 layers

Composite Frame Shaker Screen

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