Matters needing attention during winter renovation construction

Due to the low winter temperatures, special attention must be paid to home decoration. Although the amount of construction of the room decoration is not large, it includes conventional types of work such as water, wood, electricity, tile, and oil. Due to the special nature of the season, the following details should be noted during the winter home improvement construction process:

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1, to prevent chapped

The appearance of dry cracks in the winter wall is mainly caused by uneven water loss. Placing kraft paper or bean-cloth cloth on the wall can play a certain preventive effect.

2, control the temperature

In winter, when the temperature is low and plastering, scraping, putting on ceramic tiles and other work surfaces are frozen, empty drums and other quality problems will occur. For rooms that have not yet been heated, when the temperature does not meet the requirements, the construction should be suspended or additional heating equipment should be added to increase the room temperature. For a room that is already heated, a higher temperature is beneficial to the construction, but attention should be paid to the problem of dry cracking caused by excessive water loss on the work surface. The sand used for bricklayers should be carefully sieved. There should be no ice cubes. The antifreeze agent should be properly added according to the actual construction requirements. When stirring the mortar, the temperature of the water should not exceed 80°C. It is necessary to use the groundwork and the cement cannot be used in the open air. Frost protection.

3, leaving a gap

Follow the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, winter construction should pay attention to leave an appropriate gap.

A. Doors in the winter construction should not be too small, so as to avoid the summer door from being tight and cannot be switched freely;

B. When paving the solid wood floor, leave about 2 mm of expansion joint around it, otherwise it will cause druming and dangling.

C, when making furniture, need to leave about 0.1 mm seams to avoid deformation.

4, warming transition

Whether it is a wall tile or a floor tile, the material should be transferred from the outdoor to the interior for a period of 24 hours, and it can be paved after being adapted to the indoor temperature.

5, construction temperature control

Take into account the effect of temperature on the environmental requirements of each process. Generally, the ambient temperature of the coating application should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius, and the ambient temperature when the varnish is applied should not be lower than 8 degrees Celsius. The number of adjustments on the wall and the top paint was not adjusted. The first day the adjusted paint was not used up, and it was better not to use it on the next day. Because the indoor air is dry and the water loss is fast, the putty before the oilwork cannot be scraped too thick, otherwise it is easy to cause empty drums, cracks, and wall inequality.

6, security cleaning

The winter is cold and dry. Strict attention must be paid to safety. Garbage should be cleaned at any time. Inflammable materials such as sawdust and chippings should be cleaned at any time. Paints and other items should be placed on ventilated places such as balconies.

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