Is the second bed tatami good or the bed good? Tatami and bed selection tips

The decoration of the bedroom is very important. It is very important to install what kind of bed in the bedroom. Now many people like the tatami bed, but some people don’t know much about the tatami bed, so they will hesitate to tatami or bed. Next, the small series of the decoration home network will come to you to introduce to you, the second tatami is good or the bed is good ? What are the shopping tips for tatami and bed?


First, the second tatami is good or the bed is good.

1, tatami bed decoration style is very flexible, free to combine and easy to disassemble, but also according to space needs to design. Then, for a room with sufficient space, a tatami bed can be placed or designed in a local area. However, for a small space, the tatami bed can be integrated with various functions to reduce the space occupied by the tatami.

2, the bed is designed by the manufacturer according to the height of the human body, and the mattress is equipped with Simmons mattress, so the comfort is more in line with the rest of the human body. However, since the bottom of the bed is relatively small, the storage is relatively small.

3, tatami is more suitable for Japanese-style decoration, and European, American, pastoral and other styles are somewhat inconsistent, so the bed can be more suitable for people's actual needs of style.


Second, tatami and bed selection skills

Bed selection tips:

1, super soft: the bed is filled with down, softer than the sofa and the bag, you can rely on you. The surface of the wrapped fabric should be crisp and strong, to maintain the appearance of the bed. The soft bed makes you feel infinitely close to it, no longer afraid of bed bumps.

2, the back of the chair style fits the body: almost everyone likes to lie and rely on such movements, so the choice of the back style bed is not wrong, it can fit the human body well, make the back, waist, The neck is supported to meet the needs of watching various poses when watching TV or reading.

Tatami purchase tips:

1. Check the filler: Once the mat is made, the inside will not be visible. When shopping, you can sit at the corners and then stand up to see if the mat will quickly recover its original shape. The tortuous knee is pressed hard on the surface of the pad. Try to test its elasticity. The elasticity is not good and the rebound is not fast. The internal filling is not a good sponge.

2, pay attention to the scale: tatami usually has a length of 1.7 m - 2 m; its width is 80 cm -96 cm; tatami's common length is 1.7 m, 1.8 m, 1.9 m, 2 m; width 80 Three centimeters, 90 centimeters, and 98 centimeters. The tatami standard thickness is 3.5 cm, 4 cm, and 5.5 cm. The tatami bed is usually 1.5 meters in size and also has 1.8 meters and 2 meters.

The bed is the place for us to rest, so we must be careful when choosing the bed. The style is selected but the most important thing is the quality of the bed. Is the second tatami bed better than the bed? Everyone knows about their purchasing skills. If you want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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