Insulation energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows of the production of points

[] The aluminum alloy doors and windows of buildings are part of the external structure of the building and are the most sensitive parts of the building's heat exchange. Its energy consumption per unit area is 5 to 6 times that of the wall, and thermal energy loss of doors and windows accounts for More than 40% of the entire building. There are three ways for the heat loss of doors and windows outside the building: heat conduction loss through the aluminum alloy profile at the front; second, radiation heat loss through the glass; and third, air convection heat loss through the door and window gap. Therefore, the production of insulation and energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows must also be considered from these three aspects.

1. Aluminum alloy profiles Aluminum alloy materials are good conductors of heat, and the thermal conductivity is mostly high. To make heat-insulating glass, it is necessary to select the section that has the heat-insulating bridge treatment, that is, to cut off the heat conduction path of the section to achieve the purpose of heat insulation.

(2) Glass Insulation Aluminum alloy doors and windows need to use hollow glass, because the hollow space between the hollow glass is filled with dry, static air, so that the thermal conductivity is greatly reduced, so hollow glass has excellent insulation, sound insulation and resistance Frosting, condensation performance, commonly used glass hollow glass thickness 5 ~ 6mm, common cavity thickness 9mm, 12mm.

3. The sealing material used for heat insulating doors and windows of the sealing material shall be weatherproof rubber. The sealing rubber strip shall be made of neoprene rubber with excellent anti-ozone corrosion resistance and anti-ultraviolet aging performance. Three or more sealants shall be set for the opening and closing part of the door and window fan. Article.

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