In the early days, people used high-strength non-standard flanges and pipes.

In the early days, in order to reduce investment, people rushed to use high-strength steel pipes and non-standard flanges, but they ignored the requirements for impact toughness. The deviation in understanding was learned by accidents.
In order to prevent ductile fracture, or to obtain the crack arrest of ductile fracture, as the diameter of the pipeline and non-standard flange increases and the strength grade increases, the impact toughness of the pipe must be increased accordingly. At that time, people did not know this. .
In the long-distance pipeline, the long-distance ductile fracture instability and expansion, the first time occurred in the late 1960s, the pipe diameter is 36in, the material is X65, the fracture length is about 1000ft, and the two ends are on the pipe with higher toughness. For crack arrest, it uses a non-standard flange connection.

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