Huayu porch Feng Shui setting

Feng Shui has a certain reason. The feng shui products such as sputum are rumored to be fierce, and the beasts are divided into females and males. The male name is "貔" and the female name is "貅". In the south, the average person likes to call this kind of beast as "貔貅", while in the north it is still called "dispelling evil." How much do you know about the feng shui knowledge of phlegm and evil spirits? This edition of Xiaobian is now talking about feng shui.

Huayu porch Feng Shui setting

There are large-scale entrances in the entrances to traditional Chinese houses, and the modern urban houses are generally narrow in area. If traditional large-scale entrances are set up, it will obviously feel that space is cramped and it is difficult to move. Therefore, the compromise method is to use a glass screen to make the interval, so as to prevent the outside air from rushing straight into the living room, but also make the narrow entrance not too sturdy.

The phlegm of the phlegm and the anti-leakage effect, the largest feng shui effect of the porch can be used to resolve the suffocation of the door directly outside the house.

The feng shui theory says that there are two kinds of flaws: fractals and sputum. It is not the so-called strange power, it is actually a bad type, and the evil type in Go is the same. All the people who want to live in the house are both beautiful and beautiful. If there is a bad type, it feels awkward and awkward, then it needs to be compensated by the method of Feng Shui. The entrance is an important part of the residential settlement.

There are two main ways to block the entrance:

1. The porch can promote the external gas entering from the gate: the outside gas has been directly entered from the murderous party, and it has been changed from the Kyrgyz side. This is in line with the feng shui's tendency to avoid evil.

For example, for the people of the West Fourth Life, if the gate is opened in the north, it is the gate of the gate; but if a porch is added, the gas outside the house flows from north to south, and now it is changed from west to east. It can be a good time.

2, in addition to squatting can resolve the shape and sputum, and can prevent the venting of gas.

From the point of view of feng shui, the enthusiasm and wealth of entering the house from the gate should be swung in the house as much as possible. After fully utilizing the house, it will slowly flow out of the house. If the gates form a straight line with the balcony or the window, the enthusiasm and wealth flowing in from the gate will quickly flow away from the balcony or window, and the air will go straight in and out. It is a water discharge bureau, making it difficult for people and money at home. build up. The remedy is to set up a porch between them, trying to turn the door to the house and not directly from the balcony or window.

It is to block the view from the entrance, and form a space for revolving. The Feng Shui is very particular about it. If there is no real wall, then the balcony living room can be seen at the entrance, which is a common name, the former pass and the pass, the talents are empty, the pattern is not good for the home.

If the door is directly rushing to the door, the person in the room is susceptible to interference. In this case, the porch can also be used to resolve.

The establishment of the entrance can cushion the shape of the scorpion. In Feng Shui, the shape is a tangible fierce, mainly in the following situations:

Knife knives, also called sharp-angle shots: the corners or sharp corners of the nearby buildings, like a wedge, into the residential center, making the residents feel like they are straightforward, feeling unbearable and extremely depressed.

Dark arrow hurts the chest: the main road or the street is facing a straight line, rushing into the room, the momentum of the residential development is blocked, forming a road rush, also called the street straight.

The slanting road is straight: the house is in the low position, and it has to bear the huge pressure from the high road to the straight road. It is like a torrential flood, and it is so strong that it sinks into the house and makes it impossible for the residents to stop.

The establishment of the entrance can also resolve the temperament. The ambiguity refers to the position of the comet flying, because it is invisible and invisible, and it can be observed by the naked eye like a shape, and can only be calculated according to the rhythm. If the head of the household is the East Fourth Life, and the gate is opened in the west, the northwest, the southwest, or the northeast, the gate is in conflict with the head of the household. Then, for this family, this is the home. On the other hand, if the head of the household is the West Fourth Life, and the door is opened in the east, Zhengnan, Zhengbei and Southeast, the gate is in conflict with the head of the household; for this family, it is also discouraged. Residential. If the house encounters such a situation, then setting the entrance is the top priority.

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