How to use latex paint

Latex paint is one of the wall decoration materials. The purchase of latex paint has a great impact on the health of occupants. So how is latex paint used ? What are its purchase methods? Let's understand it with the editor How to use latex paint and how to buy it!

How to use latex paint

1. Before the construction of the latex paint, the wall must be treated first. If the latex paint is applied in a hurry, problems such as shedding, cracking and blistering will occur. For the choice of putty, many people still have difficulty choosing 821 putty. 821 putty is actually very bad. Water-resistant, when the wall contains water, the 821 putty will absorb water and foam, causing a large area of ​​latex paint to foam and fall off. If the performance and film-forming properties of the latex paint are good, the problems will be more serious. When using the latex paint, first seal the wall with a back cover. To avoid the above problems, use water-resistant putty.

2. The latex paint should be mixed evenly during construction. If the construction is started without mixing, it will cause the decorative surface to bloom and affect the decorative effect, especially like some brightly colored products, it should be evenly mixed because the color in the paint If the slurry dispersion is unstable, the above problems will occur.

3. The amount of water added during the construction of latex paint must be carried out according to the manufacturer's regulations. Many manufacturers now design a lot of formulas in consideration of user needs when producing latex paint. Some latex paint products do not require water addition during construction. Yes, so you must pay attention to the instructions for use of latex paint during construction. Products that do not need to add water will destroy various properties of latex paint after adding water.

How to buy latex paint

1. When purchasing latex paint, see if there are precipitation and agglomeration. After a good latex paint is placed for a long time, a thick and elastic oxide film will form on the surface. This latex paint is not easy Cracked, and poor latex paint has only a thin layer of film, which is more fragile and has a spicy smell.

2. When buying, you can also smell the smell of the product to see if there is a smelly and irritating odor. The environmentally friendly latex paint is a non-toxic and odorless water-based material. If there is a very irritating latex paint, then Perhaps items such as flavors were added to cover the smell when leaving the factory.

3. There are many brands of latex paint on the market. You can compare several brands to see their quality and reputation. Try to buy some big brands, whether it is quality or decorative effects will be better.

Editor's summary: The above is about how to use latex paint and how to buy latex paint. You can use it according to the above usage method during construction. If you want to know other content, you can follow this website information, there will be more More relevant content appears, I hope to help everyone.

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How to use latex paint

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