How to do the wine cabinet? What is the maintenance method for the wine cooler?

Everyone knows that the wine cooler is a wine cooler for storing red wine. It has the characteristics of constant temperature and constant humidity. Like the constant temperature characteristics of the wine cellar, the wine cooler has the ideal environment for red wine preservation. According to the cooling method, the wine cabinet can be divided into two categories: semiconductor electronic wine cabinet and compressor electronic wine cabinet. But I don’t know how to do it at home. I’m going to take a look at how to make a wine cooler and how to maintain it.


How to do the wine cabinet?

The veneer wine showcase is the mainstay of the wine showcase market: under the pressure of price, many consumers turned their attention to the solid wood veneer wine showcase. Now that raw materials have risen in price, the price of pure wood wine showcases is high, and the sales volume is small. They are doing small business and can't afford it, so they have changed into solid wood veneer wine showcases that are becoming the main force of the market.

The solid wood veneer wine showcase is much cheaper than the sticker wine showcase. The price is much cheaper than the red wine showcase with the fireproof board. In fact, the price increase of solid wood wine showcases is related to the price of solid wood. Now it is a last resort for solid wood logs to be sold out in the international market.

The plate type wine showcase has risen by up to 20%: the artificial board is the main raw material of the plate type wine showcase. As the end product, it is still rising or not. From the many brands of wine showcase manufacturers, the plate type wine showcase terminal market is relatively subtle.

Most manufacturers generally take the form of clearing up and down, such as not adjusting the retail price, but the margin is smaller when the profit is made. For example, if the original price is 30% off, now it can only be played at a maximum of 10%, so that consumers are psychologically compared. Easy to accept. The price increase of wine showcases is an inevitable trend of market development, but each manufacturer will be very rational and will consider the market's ability to accept moderate price increases. In order to survive, it is impossible to raise prices.

Maintenance method of wine cooler:

Wine cabinet maintenance

First, replace the activated carbon filter in the vent above the wine cabinet every six months.

Second, the dust on the condenser (the metal mesh on the back of the wine cabinet) is cleaned every two years.

Third, please carefully check whether the plug has been pulled out before moving or cleaning the wine cabinet.

Fourth, replace the shelf every one to two years to prevent the safety of the wine from the deformation of the solid wood shelf under high humidity.

Fifth, thoroughly clean the wine cabinet once a year. Before cleaning, please pull out the plug and empty the wine cabinet, then gently scrub the cabinet with water.

Sixth, do not apply heavy pressure inside and outside the wine cabinet, do not place heating appliances and heavy objects on the top of the wine cabinet.

Seventh, after long-term storage, the humidity inside the box is large, the wooden bracket is prone to mildew, and the tray can be wrapped with plastic wrap and then stored. Regularly disinfect the bracket wine cabinet to prevent mold.


Steps for placing the wine cabinet:

1. If the space in the home is small, choose an embedded wine cooler or make a simple wine cooler on the wall. Insert a nail into the appropriate position and place a glass or wine tray on it. A simple bar to make the system.

2. The home space is relatively large, then we have more choices. First, we must choose the wine cooler that is similar to our decoration style.

3. If there is plenty of space in the home, you can choose a location where you can view the scenery, wine cabinets, bars, bar chairs, set up, then you will have a good place to meet with friends, drink fine wine, talk about heaven Land, nothing.

4. If you only need to put a wine cooler, you should look at the layout and decoration style of the house, choose a wine cabinet of the size and style, and put it in the corner of the living room.

5. Wine cabinets also have certain taboos in Kansei. There is also a need to pay attention to the placement of wine cabinets on the Fengshui. The five elements of the wine cabinet are fire. If placed in a cohesive restaurant, the business of the family can be increased. The wine placed in the wine cabinet should not be too small. Not too much, the most suitable ratio of wine to wine cabinet space is 3:5, the wine cabinet should be bright, not dim, the number of spotlights installed in the wine cabinet is best.

If you design a wine cooler at home, we need to clean it regularly. On the one hand, it will keep the wine better, on the other hand, it will make it brighter. The above is the Xiaobian how to do the wine cooler and the maintenance method of the wine cooler. It is over here. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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