How much is the general price of angle valve

Angle valves are very common in our lives, for example: washbasins, water tanks, water heaters, etc. have angle valves installed, but I believe many people do not know much about the price and choice of angle valves. So, today we know how much the general price of the angle valve is and how to choose the angle valve.

1. How much is the general price of an angle valve

1. There is no standard price for the general price of angle valves . Mainly depends on the angle valve brand, material, model, local consumption, and the price of different manufacturers are also different. Therefore, when you choose, you should compare the three, and choose the one with high cost performance.

2. How much is the general price of an angle valve? The price of an ordinary angle valve is generally around 15-20 yuan, the middle price is around 25-45 yuan, the good price is around 45-60 yuan, and even more expensive. You can choose your own price according to your budget and needs.

About the general price of the angle valve , the above price is for your reference only. It is recommended to choose the expensive one if used at home to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later period, and then learn how to choose the angle valve together.

Second, how to choose the angle valve

1. Look at the material

A good copper material is relatively heavy, and a good material can increase the service life. Many zinc alloys on the market are cheap and break in about a year, making maintenance more troublesome. To select angle valves with soft touch, the service life is relatively long.

2. Look at the gloss of the angle valve

Look at the electroplating luster of the angle valve, look carefully at its gloss, whether the product has blisters, scratches, etc. The surface of a good angle valve is smooth and bright.

3. Look at the weight

The weight of the angle valve is preferably above 180g. Such an angle valve is good. Now that the price of copper on the market is rising, it should be noted that some unscrupulous merchants use poor materials. The wall thickness of the angle valve body determines the final weight, so the thick wall thickness can ensure that it is not so easy to break. Many people like to put an angle valve in their hands when buying an angle valve. In this way, it can be seen whether the angle valve is good or bad.

4. Look at the design of the switch handwheel

When buying an angle valve, pay attention to its handwheel design, even if its appearance is exquisite, if it does not conform to the ergonomic design, it is useless. It must be easy to install, not slippery, and simple to use. it's the best. Therefore, buying angle valves can not only look at the appearance, it is the last word that it is convenient to use.

Editor's summary: The above is the general price of the angle valve introduced by the editor and how to choose the angle valve. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of angle valves. When you choose an angle valve, you can refer to the above content and choose a good angle valve for your home.

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