Hotel furniture features and materials, small Gu tiles for you one by one introduced

Hotel furniture, whether it is from work or material is better, especially those five-star hotels, hotel decoration magnificent, so as to attract customers. The general hotel furniture is solid wood hotel furniture and plate hotel furniture , ceramic tiles for you to introduce them one by one!


Solid wood hotel furniture

1, the main problem of solid wood hotel furniture is the change of moisture content makes it easy to deform, so it can not let direct sunlight, indoor temperature can not be too high or too low, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood hotel furniture.

2. In addition, the components of the solid wood hotel furniture are usually made of rammed structure and adhesive. The finished product cannot be disassembled, and it is inconvenient to handle.

3, solid wood hotel furniture are paint finishes, easy to scratch, scalding, high maintenance and maintenance requirements, if the paint contains formaldehyde and other toxic elements, will cause harm to the body.

4. Panel furniture, side boards, shelves, etc. The use of particleboard or medium density fiberboard veneer wood furniture veneer, with the advantages of flexible plate furniture assembly, but at the same time gather together the formaldehyde and other toxic elements of paint and artificial plates, The human body is more harmful. Plate hotel furniture is an indelible advantage.


Board hotel furniture

1. The combination of plate hotel furniture parts usually adopts all kinds of metal hardware, and assembly and disassembly are very convenient. Furniture with high precision can be disassembled and installed several times.

2. It has the same natural texture, feel and color as solid wood, as well as a variety of styles, art veneers, changes in color and texture can give people a variety of feelings, there are also many changes in the shape design, with personality , And not easily deformed.

3. High performance-to-price ratio: The performance-price ratio is much higher than that of solid wood hotel furniture, especially waterproof hotel furniture. It can maintain furniture in the course of 5-6 years after a hotel apartment is renovated. A good appearance quality, performance and price ratio is much higher than conventional plate hotel furniture.

4. Plate hotel furniture also has excellent wear and fire performance: the board can resist screws, keys and other metals and telephones, ashtrays, cups, lamps, flower pots, laptops, luggage, electric water heaters and other hotel appliances Use grind plan without scratches.


The above is the hotel furniture material and characteristics that Xiao Gu tile Xiao Bian introduced for everyone. You need to know more about the wonderful furniture information and you can pay attention to GO Jiaju City Substation!

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