Hongzhan step-in constant temperature and humidity laboratory is stationed in China Institute of Metrology!

Hongzhan walk-in laboratory is stationed in China Institute of Metrology - Step-in constant temperature and humidity laboratory

1 Use:
Used in the heat-resistant and cold-resistant tests of the defense industry, aerospace industry, auto parts, automotive parts, electronic components, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and related products, providing large-scale temperature and humidity testing environment for large parts, semi-finished products and finished products for the industry. Space, suitable for testing test equipment with large quantity and large volume

2 box structure:
The base of the chamber body is welded into a mesh frame by 8# channel steel, so as to be able to withstand the weight of the chamber body and the human test piece under horizontal conditions without causing unevenness and cracking of the bottom surface of the chamber body. Withstand capacity 200kg / square meter

The chamber body (laboratory body (housing)) is divided into six chambers and a double-opening chamber door with a size of 1800×2000 mm. The chamber material is a high-quality stainless steel plate (to prevent long-term humidity operation). The inner wall is rusty. The outer casing is made of high-quality color steel plate (domestic brand). The insulation medium is polyurethane rigid foam insulation, light and resistant to impact, good thermal insulation performance. The door material is also made of color steel plate. The handle is open inside and outside, so that the tester can freely open the door from the closed room.

With a unique balanced temperature and humidity control method, a safe and accurate temperature and humidity environment can be obtained. With stable and balanced heating and humidifying performance, it can control high temperature and high temperature and humidity.

Equipped with high-precision and intelligent temperature regulator, the temperature and humidity adopts color LCD touch screen display, which can carry out various complicated program settings. The program setting adopts dialogue mode, and the operation is simple and rapid.

The refrigeration circuit is automatically selected, and the automatic control device automatically selects the performance of the running refrigeration circuit with the set value of the temperature, realizes direct start cooling under high temperature state, and directly cools down.

The gate is equipped with a large observation window for easy observation of the test state of the test sample.

It is equipped with multiple protection devices to effectively protect the safety of the equipment.

3 Features:
1. The large-scale environmental laboratory can provide large-scale parts, semi-finished products and finished products for industrial temperature and humidity testing. It is mainly composed of control panel, switchboard, switchboard, heat preservation board, air supply board, heater, humidifier and freezer.

2. The color library board unit combination can be arbitrarily enlarged and disassembled easily, and can be designed according to the customer's needs and coordinated with the expansion of the factory.

3. The horizontal diffusion vertical heat exchange circulation system adopting multi-wing centrifugal air supply mode avoids any dead angle and makes the indoor temperature and humidity distribution uniform.

4The freezer adopts imported compressors from Europe and America, and uses environmentally friendly refrigerant. The refrigeration system adopts binary low-temperature loop system design, and uses different compressors to work in different temperature ranges to ensure the service life of the equipment.

5. The control system can be connected to the computer via the RS-232 interface. Users can design programs on the computer screen, collect test data and records, call program execution, and remotely control the machine switches.

6. When an abnormal condition occurs, the fault status is automatically displayed on the controller screen immediately, the power switch is turned off, and the troubleshooting method is provided.

7. It has a timing mark contact function, which can output the control contact to the outside during the operation, and provide users with dynamic test and computer monitoring.

8. The material of the board is made of stainless steel and beautiful steel plate, which is firm in structure, waterproof and beautiful.

4 Control methods and features:

Balanced temperature control system (BTHC) + specially designed ceiling fan air forced circulation system, PID control SSR, so that the system's heating humidification amount is equal to the heat and moisture loss, so it can be used stably for a long time.

A: Model HuiQi-TH-40-SP

B: Performance: Performance measured after 2 hours of stabilization without test load and without shelf. In addition, the temperature rise and fall times refer to the air-cooled performance at room temperature +25 ° C, no load:

1. Temperature range: -55 ° C ~ 80 ° C.

2. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5 °C.

3. Temperature uniformity: ±2.0 °C.

4. Heating time: from -55 ° C to 80 ° C less than 60 minutes (non-linear no-load).

5. Cooling time: from +20 °C to -55 °C less than 70 minutes (non-linear no-load).

※ The rate of temperature change is the rate of change of air temperature, not the rate of change of product temperature.

6. Humidity range: 20%~98%RH; please refer to the temperature and humidity range chart.

7. Humidity fluctuation: ± 2.5% RH

8. Humidity uniformity: ±5.0% RH

C. Laboratory structure: detachable on-site assembly structure.

a. Size inside the studio: customized according to demand

(W direction of the library body, single door W80x H200CM, a 450×300×40mm window is installed on the door, the door is opened outward, the electric control box is placed on the left side of the left side in the D direction, the freezer box, the air conditioner box is placed in the electric control box After that,

1. Treasury board: a. Outer box material: color steel plate | polyurethane board.

b. Inner box material: stainless steel plate (SUS#304).

c. Insulation material: High density PU hard foaming.

d. Load capacity of the plate: 500Kg/m2 (evenly distributed load).

2. Library base, electric control box and freezer: GB angle iron + 6# channel steel + steel plate spray.

3. Laboratory door: single door (W80 x H200CM).

a) Material: Same as the warehouse board.

b) Handle: cylindrical handle.

c) Rear button: SUS#304.

d) Window 450 × 300 × 40mm three-layer vacuum layer.

4. Air circulation system: a. Motor: AC380V 2HP 5 sets.

b. Lengthen the shaft.

c. Fan: Multi-blade fan blade (SIROCCO FAN).

d. Ceiling air forced circulation system

Introduction to China Institute of Metrology

Founded in 1955, China Institute of Metrology is affiliated to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. It is a social welfare research unit, the country's highest measurement science research center and a national legal measurement technology organization. It undertakes the task of researching, establishing, maintaining and preserving national measurement standards, standards and research-related precision measurement techniques. Since the establishment of the institute, 302 national measurement standards and standards have been established, which form the main body and core of the national base and standard system, and have made important contributions to ensuring the unification of national value.
For more than 50 years since its establishment, the Institute of Metrology of China has carried out a large number of quantitative, forward-looking and comprehensive technologies with the aim of targeting the frontiers of international metrology science and meeting the needs of national science, technology, economy and society development and high-tech applications. The research has won more than 300 national and departmental scientific research awards. It has played an important supporting role for China's national economic construction, high-tech development and social progress.
In 1999, authorized by the former State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, China Institute of Metrology, on behalf of China, signed the National Mutual Recognition Standard and Mutual Recognition of Calibration and Measurement Certificates issued by the National Metrology Institute at the International Bureau of Metrology (BIPM). Agreement, participate in the International Comparison Committee (CIPM), the International Bureau of Metrology and the various advisory committees to organize the implementation of key comparisons, regional comparisons, to ensure the international comparability and traceability of China's value, to provide trade globalization, market internationalization Technical basis guarantee, and actively undertake the measurement and arbitration of market demand and the support of measurement technology. In 2002, the Metrology Institute passed the assessment of the statutory metrological verification organization organized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. A total of 313 verification projects and 475 calibration projects were authorized to carry out technical service work.
In 2000, the State Council approved the establishment of an experimental base of the China Institute of Metrology. After the completion of the experimental base, it will carry out basic research and applied research on modern science based on quantum physics to adapt to the high-tech industry, the technological transformation of the basic and pillar industries, and the measurement of social development. The need for technology and precision testing.
In 2005, the China Institute of Metrology and the former National Standard Materials Research Center merged to form the new China Institute of Metrology. The new China Institute of Metrology will take the overall goal of building a well-off society and a harmonious society in an all-round way, and comprehensively implement the guidelines of “independent innovation, key leapfrogging, supporting development, and leading the future”, focusing on the following tasks:
• Research, establish, and maintain national measurement-based standards (including reference materials), and reproduce unit values; conduct international comparisons to ensure that the baseline values ​​are consistent with the international standards;
• Conduct research on original measurement science and technology and new field measurement standards and measurement techniques based on the needs of science and technology, national economic and social development;
• Conduct ongoing research on measurement-based standards, and use the latest scientific and technological achievements to continuously expand the range/band of measurement-based standards to improve accuracy and automation;
• Conduct research on measurement theory/magnitude transfer methods, and research on common/basic/critical measurement techniques;
• Implement value transfer and traceability to ensure the uniformity of national values;
• Undertake the technical work of legal measurement, quality certification and laboratory review entrusted by the relevant state departments.
The China Institute of Metrology will also take "scientific and technological inspection" and "skills inspection" as the development strategy, with original innovation and integrated innovation as the main tasks, facing the market, facing the international and facing the future. Focus on the development of cutting-edge innovation research in the field of measurement technology and the research of measurement-based standards and measurement new technologies required in China's high-tech and social development, and strive to become a discipline professional structure optimization, organizational organization is reasonable, talent team allocation is efficient, and has a high level. A national-level measurement science research center and a world-class measurement science research institution with independent innovation capability and measurement science research strength.

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'Hongzhan step-in constant temperature and humidity laboratory is strong in China Institute of Metrology!

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Nickel is a versatile, highly corrosion resistant element that will alloy with most metals. Due to its corrosion resistance, nickel is used to maintain product purity in the processing of foods and synthetic fibers. It is highly resistant to various reducing chemicals and is unexcelled in resistance to caustic alkalies. In addition, nickel has good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties. Relatively high thermal conductivity of this metal has lead to its frequent use for heat exchangers

Commercially pure or low-alloy nickel may contain very small amounts of alloying elements to absolutely none. By contrast nickel alloys contain significant amounts of added elements. Nickel and nickel alloys are both non-ferrous metals that are useful in a range of applications, most of which involve corrosion resistance and/or heat resistance.

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Alloy B-2 alternative to Hastelloy B-2
Alloy C-22 alternative to Hastelloy C-22
Alloy X alternative to Hastelloy X and Inconel HX
Alloy 20 alternative to Carpenter 20 and Incoloy 20
Alloy718 alternative to Inconel 718
Alloy 800 alternative to Incoloy 800
Alloy 800H/HT alternative to Incoloy 800H/HT
Alloy 400 alternative to Monel 400
Alloy K-500 alternative to Monel K-500
Alloy 625 alternative to Inconel 625
Alloy 600 alternative to Inconel 600
Alloy 601 alternative to Inconel 601

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