Home feng shui affects your baby's health

When a baby is born, it has already formed an indissoluble bond with Feng Shui, because the location and layout of the baby room will have a great impact on the healthy growth of the baby. In addition to the taboos of the ordinary bedroom, the baby room has a lot of attention, therefore, the selection of the baby room must be cautious.

The baby room must maintain good light and ventilation, and the orientation of the room is good in the east, because the energy of light can fully enter the room, and the white and dark nights are more perfect. The baby's room is sunny, the ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the formation of vitamin D, prevent the baby from suffering from rickets, but care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight on the baby's face.

If you are indoors, don't let the sun shine through the glass, because the glass can block the ultraviolet rays and prevent the calcium absorption. In addition, the baby and mother's bedding are often sun-dried in the sun, which can be sterilized to prevent inflammation of the baby's skin and respiratory tract.  

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1.Modeled after original historical patterns and designs.
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PU Domes

Ceiling Domes

PU Domes,Decorative Ceiling Domes,Architectural Ceiling Domes,Big Ceiling Domes,Polyurethane Domes,Popular Big Domes

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