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Energy-saving lamp indoor lighting dilemma

The domestic lighting market is still in full swing, and the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection is gradually understood by the Chinese. Many companies outside the industry are also gearing up, eager to try, and want to enter the energy-saving lighting market in one fell swoop, in order to share a piece of cake. Is the energy-saving lamp market really as far as everyone expects, has it entered thousands of households? The author talks about the product application market analysis of energy-saving lamps for domestic lighting for 5 years based on the experience of 5 years of experience.

Since the establishment of laboratory-specific tube-in-tube energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps have been developing in the direction of domestic commercial application lighting. Taking energy-saving lamps as an example, from the early DIP plug-in lamp beads to SMD patch lamps, the market experience After a lot of pain, I gradually returned to God to find out my own shortcomings.
In order to save the cost of energy-saving lamps in the early stage and win the price advantage, many manufacturers use constant-voltage drive power, DIP high-light fade plug-in lamp beads. What's more, some manufacturers improve the power supply current so that the energy-saving lamps are overloaded to improve the brightness of the energy-saving lamps, and the short-term illusion of high brightness of the lamps. The result is that the lamp beads have a severe light decay after a period of time, and the power supply is noisy. The high-tech products in people's eyes have become products that have a life expectancy far below their expectations. The image of energy-saving lamps in people's minds has also plummeted. This result is caused by the customer and the manufacturer. The blind pursuit of price has made such a cup of bitter wine reserved for people to use.

Due to the limitation of the heat dissipation of the DIP component itself (there are only two pins providing a heat-dissipating transmission medium, the heat-dissipating surface is actively small), causing severe light decay of the lamp bead in a short period of time, destined to be eliminated. So SMD SMD lamp beads have entered people's field of vision. Compared with DIP, the heat dissipation area of ​​SMD components has increased several times, and the heat dissipation effect is much better. Of course, the price is much higher. If the conditions permit, it is best to separate the power supply from the light source locally. It is not advisable to pursue a small volume and ignore the operating temperature of the lamp and the power supply. From the outside, the shape is small and exquisite, but the life is short. The light decay has increased, which is a typical "small loss".

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Crowd Control Barrier introduction:

Heavy duty crowd control/pedestrian barriers (Portable Fence, Temporary fence or Removable Fence
, Steel Barriers ,welded Wire mesh rolls), it plays the role of protection in house site, major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings, swimming pools and many other uses for secure construction sites and private property.

Inter-locking "hook and eye" systems for quick installation. Crowd control barriers are designed to be linked together via hooks. Each hook is made of a 5//8" steel rod. The feet are either flat or arched.

crowd control barrier surface treatment:   hot dip galvanized or powder coated after welded

crowd control barrier size: 914mm*2440mm, 1090*2000mm, 1090*2010mm, 940*2500mm

crowd control barrier frame: O.D 20, 25, 32, 40, 42, 48

crowd control barrier infill picket: OD 12, 14, 16, 20

crowd control barrier feet: Flat feet, Bridge feet and Tube feet

Crowd Control Barrier

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