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From October 1st to October 7th, the fifteenth Yiwu International Home Furnishing Festival will be held in Yiwu International Home Furnishing City. There will be nearly 300 domestic and foreign brands, and thousands of special products will be launched. In order to let the majority of the audience feel comfortable decorating and staying at ease, our section specially launched the "Home Improvement Help" series of reports to introduce a wave of home improvement knowledge to the audience who have decoration needs. The first stop we came to was the annual red furniture store located on the third floor of the first district of Yiwu International Home Furnishing City, to introduce the friends of the audience to the little knowledge of the style of mahogany home improvement.

Mahogany furniture is mostly used in Chinese and new Chinese decoration styles. Chinese-style mahogany furniture adopts a prosperous and generous shape, calm colors, shaping the overall atmosphere, giving people a noble atmosphere.

Huanghuali, Redleaf Rosewood, and Red Rosewood are known as the "three tribute woods", also known as the "old three kind" in the mahogany industry. Not only are they historically the mahogany timber cherished by the royal nobility, but also in the contemporary market Has been regarded by consumers as a classic material in mahogany. What is the difference between these three kinds of mahogany wood?

Gong Nianhong, Manager of the Market Department of Yiwu International Home Furnishing City, Zhejiang Niannianhong Industrial Co., Ltd.
"There is a saying" sleeping rosewood sits on the rosewood ". Rosewood has its own unique scent. This scent helps sleep. So we say that sleeping rosewood sits on the rosewood. It means that the rosewood has a sour taste. The leaflet rosewood is purple on the color. The texture of the dark purple material is particularly obvious. The texture of the golden star pattern is about 500 years, and the density of the round is also high. The density of Hainan Huanghuali is a ghost face pattern. "

The mahogany home improvement decoration living room makes people feel the rich classic atmosphere, the living room layout is spacious and comfortable, quiet and elegant, elegant and luxurious. Due to the different materials of mahogany, the price is also very different.

Gong Nianhong, Manager of the Market Department of Yiwu International Home Furnishing City, Zhejiang Niannianhong Industrial Co., Ltd.

"Now the three-piece set of small leaf red sandalwood is worth 200,000-300,000 Huanghua pear is worth 400,000-500,000 Dahong rosewood 100,000-200,000. "

If consumers want to buy real mahogany furniture, they must know some related knowledge of mahogany furniture in advance and know what they know. So how to identify mahogany furniture?

Take a look at the wooden structure.
The mahogany has a variety of natural colors such as red, yellow-red, and zhihong; whether the wood grain is still clearly visible after painting. After the fake painting, white often appears.
Second look at the weight:
Really mahogany furniture is sturdy and strong, with a particularly tight texture, which is heavier than ordinary oak wood.
Third, we must choose large brands and large manufacturers.

Although mahogany furniture is good, with the lack of "old three-like" resources and rising prices, most of Huanghua pear, red sandalwood and rosewood gradually fade out of the consumer market.

Gong Jianping said that Cambodian black rosewood was formerly known as Khmer rosewood, Khmer black rosewood, and Southeast Asian black walnut, which is a species of the genus Lepteraceae. Cambodian black rosewood is mainly produced in Southeast Asian countries. Because of its wood properties similar to rosewood, its high cost performance and high yield rate have attracted much attention in recent years, and then entered the domestic furniture market. More and more.

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