Expert Jian Tan has five laws and five laws and three passes

The price is really like jade, and the fake sand is into the city. The expert Jian Tan has five laws, and the five laws and three passes.

As the saying goes, "things are rare," the red sandalwood resources have been mined in the middle and late Qing Dynasty. The sandalwood material has rarely appeared in the market. Many large materials are also old materials for demolition, resources are so scarce, and the price of red sandalwood has been Remaining high, saying that the price of red sandalwood is not too much than gold, the market has a profitability, many businesses began to invest in red sandalwood, so the market often appears in the market. For example: use calcium carbonate water to infuse certain woods, and turn the color of the wood into black purple to impersonate the red sandalwood. There are also some woods with black and purple heartwood posing as red sandalwood. The black rosewood posing as red sandalwood is an open secret of the furniture industry, because the L. rosewood in black rosewood has almost no difference in weight, material color and structure from red sandalwood.

Some of the so-called "new red sandalwood" on the Beijing market is this Lushi Dalbergia. In order to facilitate collectors to identify true and false red sandalwood, experts have summarized the following five simple methods:

First, observe

It can be used with the naked eye or a ten-fold magnifying glass that is extremely easy to buy on the market.

The heart of the real rosewood is reddish purple or black purple.

True rosewood profiles often have light or purple-black stripes.

The true red sandalwood texture is staggered and partially curled like a crab claw or a cow hair.

The real rosewood profile has red gum and rosewood, often with sparkling Venus, gold spots or gold silk.

Second, infested

Real red sandalwood sinks into the water and sinks immediately.

Real red sandalwood does not fade with water.

Real rosewood will fade when it is infused with wine.

Third, smell

The true red sandalwood aroma is very fragile, and some red sandalwood logs are stored for too long without aroma.

Fourth, scratches

True red sandalwood can leave a purple scratch on the powder wall.

Five, fire

The real rosewood is burnt to ash, and the fake red sandalwood is burned into carbon.

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