Excessive use of pesticides to kill insects is not scientific

When farmers fight drugs, they don't know what pesticides they use, and they don't know how many times the pesticides should be blended. They only know that a bucket of water is covered with several lids (pesticide bottle caps). This phenomenon is common in rural areas. Before using pesticides, you should master the use of pesticides in order to achieve better efficacy.
Of course, this status quo is related to the low level of farmers' own culture, and it is not enough, or is lacking, to publicize and popularize pesticide knowledge. In the past, farmers have been familiar with many pesticide names. With the withdrawal of a batch of high-toxic pesticides from the market, especially after the withdrawal of five types of organophosphorus pesticides from the market in 2007, many environmentally-friendly and new-type pesticides appeared. Little is known about these new pesticides, or they don’t understand at all. Including many pesticide distributors did not really change their minds. They did not really realize the significance of banned high-toxic pesticides. They even operated with a bystander's mentality: farmers love to use medicinal drugs, and farmers love how to use them. How to use it, as long as you can sell medicine to make money. According to the China Pesticide Network , it is in this situation that the popularization of pesticide knowledge has become a blind spot: the government departments only send red-headed documents, but no one will come to the real thing; dealers who deal with farmers are not doing this. The mentality of self-denial has naturally become a bubble for the promotion and popularization of farmers' pesticide knowledge.
In addition, pesticide distributors are not high-quality, lack relevant knowledge, and do not understand learning. They only use an irresponsible and apologetic attitude to buy and sell pesticides. It is felt that farmers only need to use drugs to kill dead insects, so some dealers deliberately let farmers Increase the dosage, according to the size of the pesticide bottle cap, freely teach the farmers a bucket of water to cover a few bottles of medicine, the bottle cap is small to allow the farmers to cover 3, 4 cover, even with 5 cover 6 cover. In short, farmers are encouraged to increase the amount of drugs used, which will increase the sales of pesticides and enhance the insecticidal effect. As for environmental protection, residues, phytotoxicity, etc., these dealers will not consider it.
Also, many farmers now use drugs, if they are prescribed according to the recommended dosages in the instructions, often the insecticidal effect is not ideal or does not work at all (the pests produce resistance, or the pesticide manufacturers intentionally false high marks, excessively exaggerating the efficacy), they It is also often very arbitrarily to multiply the dose at the recommended dose.

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