Effect principle of concrete sealant

The principle of the role of concrete sealant curing agent analysis of advantages!

The mixed concrete curing agent combines the advantages of many floors, enhances the strength and hardness of the floor and has impact resistance. Moreover, it is simple in construction, does not require maintenance in the later period, and has a long service life, and is favored by many customers. The following Xiaobian floor by Xiaobian for everyone to introduce in detail the role of concrete sealing agent principle of analysis of the advantages of it.

First, the role of concrete sealant curing principle:
The concrete curing agent chemically reacts with the chemical components in the concrete and the stone building through effective penetration to form a solidified floor with high strength and high hardness. Its reaction material, xonotlite, blocks the concrete pores from the inside, transforms the concrete into a sturdy and sealed whole, effectively increasing strength, density, and preventing dust from being produced. At the same time, the unique secret formula makes the ground produce a higher gloss. , increase the aesthetic effect of use.

Second, the advantages of concrete sealing curing agent floor:
1, fast hardening, dust, highly wear-resistant.
2, moisture, impermeable, anti-pollution, easy to clean.
3, improve the compressive strength, impact resistance.
4, enhance the binding force with epoxy resin, polyurethane floor paint.
5. Improve chemical corrosion resistance.
6, significantly slowing weathering.
7, concrete seal curing agent for the new construction of concrete surface, can quickly increase the surface strength, and lock the water, full conservation.
8, safety and environmental protection: water-based formulations, non-toxic, non-flammable.
9, construction is convenient, fast, and low cost.
10, simple maintenance: only regular cleaning that is.

Third, the concrete sealant curing system features:
1, long-term seal, strong, wear-resistant, dust-free;
2. Longer-term commitment: once and for all, once and for all;
3, in the long-term use, gradually produce luster;
4, the general useful life of 20-25 years.

Fourth, the scope of application of concrete sealing curing agent:
Concrete curing agent is suitable for new and old concrete, terrazzo, abrasive wear-resistant floors and cement mortar surface, plaster and Other cement-based building materials surface. Widely used in schools, government agencies, hospitals, public facilities, various industrial manufacturing plants, food processing plants, warehousing, various warehouse facilities, aircraft warehouses, military bases, power plants, office buildings, parking lots, department stores, shopping centers, Stores, supermarkets, gas stations, auto 4S shops, car repair and maintenance fields, walkways, ramps, etc.

The concrete seal curing agent floor is the most cost-effective floor, it is of good quality and low price, wear-resisting pressure, can not afford the sand can not afford dust, the most suitable for use in the factory floor, warehouses, parking lots and other ground, the service life It's amazing, synchro-concrete's lifespan, so many bosses choose to do it with concrete sealers.

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