Dunlop and BASF launch high-performance tennis rackets using E-TPU materials

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Modern tennis players tend to play the spin ball, so they hit the ball with the top of the racket instead of the center. The disadvantage of rotating the ball is that the player needs to swing the racket with a greater arm strength, thereby inspiring the force to spin the tennis ball. This puts an extra burden on the player's arm and can cause an arm injury. The Dunlop R&D team observed this trend and adopted a new and innovative approach to solving this problem by using BASF's Infinergy® to make the Sonic Core.

Dunlop and BASF launch high-performance tennis rackets using E-TPU materials

Dunlop and BASF launch high-performance tennis rackets using E-TPU materials

Sonic Core uses the industry's unique intuitive design and technical principles to provide tennis players with powerful cushioning, high rebound, speed and lightweight performance.

Infinergy® is the world's first E-TPU material to set the standard for cushioning, rebound and performance. Located in the two and ten points of the racket, the Sonic Core is built with Infinergy® Sonic Core for high performance and comfort. Dunlop's material tests showed a 46% increase in rebound height and a 2% increase in racket speed compared to Dunlop's original SonicCore material. Infinergy® materials offer impressive damping characteristics compared to standard carbon fiber racquets in addition to superior resilience, reducing vibration by 37%.

Dunlop's next-generation CX racket series will use Sonic Core technology. The new line of tennis racquets combined with Infinergy® materials offers unique technological innovations and advantages. This revolutionary material is also used in Dunlop's padelbats racket Power Flex technology.

According to Kiyoshi I kawa, director of product planning and promotion at Sumitomo Rubber Group, the Dunlop brand said: “The CX series is our flagship product launched in 2019. It is designed for the needs of players. We are committed to providing the highest quality products, and the CX series uses the latest technology. Suitable for players of all ages and levels, providing them with more powerful power, control and rotation performance, and a more comfortable experience to help players develop their abilities and inspire their love and passion for tennis. ""

Jens Dierssen, Head of Global Business Management at BASF Infinergy, said: “Infinergy® is not only suitable for footwear design, but also for the design of sports equipment such as Dunlop tennis rackets, which can enhance the player's advantage on the court. Designed in collaboration with Dunlop With the new CX racket, our goal is to achieve maximum durability, cushioning and speed in performance, setting a new benchmark for the industry."

The CX series is recognized by the Dunlop brand of tour players, including several Grand Slam finalists Kevin Anderson, who will use the new racket in the 2019 season.

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Wire Backed Silt Fence (WBSF) is constructed with a three or four feet high wire scrim, covered with a woven poly propylene filter fabric. The galvanized steel scrim supports the fabric in an upright position even under substantial loads of silt and water. A fabric apron extending beyond the wire is also available.

wire backed silt fencewire mesh silt fence

Features & Uses
ŸMaterials: Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh with fabric 100%PP
ŸColor: Black, Orange
Uses: Erosion control, Silt control at construction sites, Required in some jurisdictions
A more robust silt fence
ŸUV resistance
ŸCan hold more silt before it needs to be cleaned
ŸCan double as a safety fence around a job site
ŸEasily attached to existing wire site fences


Wire mesh
Wire (AWG)




4'' x 4''

4'' x 2''

12 Gauge

14 Gauge



50 gsm

70 gsm

90 gsm

100 gsm

Wire Backed Silt Fence

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