Discrimination of the "SKF mill bearing operation rules" matters

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Discrimination of the "SKF mill bearing operation rules" matters

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The rolling mill bearing shows strong regularity in its application process; and the repeatability is very good. Normal high quality bearing is used at the beginning; the oscillation and noise are compared. The lamp is smashed 18. The remote ring knife is idle.谥圃旃 械 械 械 恍┤ 恍┤ 荩蝗绫砻 荩蝗绫砻 荩蝗绫砻 . ..
After a period of motion; the oscillation and noise are kept at a certain level; the spectrum is very simple; only one or two times the frequency is present. The spectrum of three times more power frequency is rarely presented; the bearing condition is very stable;
After continuous operation, it enters the late stage of operation; SKF bearing oscillation and noise start increase; sometimes it shows an abnormal sound; but the change of the oscillation increase is slower; at this moment; the start value of the rolling mill bearing kurt value suddenly reaches a certain value. We think that the bearing is the performance at the moment. For the initial problem.
At this time; the bearing should be closely monitored; pay close attention to its change. After that; the bearing kurtosis value starts to decrease rapidly; and it is close to the normal value; and the oscillation and noise start increase obviously; it increases the undulation and starts to accelerate; When the oscillation exceeds the oscillation specification (such as the ISO 2372 specification); its bearing kurtosis value also starts to increase rapidly; when it exceeds the oscillation specification; and the kurtosis value also exceeds the normal value (available kurtosis relative specification); we think that the bearing Has entered the late stage of disease production; need to repair equipment in time; replace the bearing.
The chamfer of the bearing does not determine the quality of the bearing; however, it reflects the processing method of the bearing. The chamfer is black; clarify the heat treatment by quenching; this increases the hardness of the bearing; and some people think that the chamfer is black and the processing is not complete. This is a misunderstanding.
Bearings exhibit late-stage fault characteristics to present severe problems (usually bearing damage such as axles, burns, sand cracks, raceways, bead wear, etc.) that do not exceed one week at all times; the larger the equipment capacity; the faster the speed; The shorter the interval is. Therefore, in the practice of SKF bearing fault diagnosis; once the late fault characteristics are found; the fault of the rolling mill bearing should be determined; quickly organize maintenance.
According to the sale experience, many customers said that only the outer surface of the bearing is good quality; this is wrong. The brightness of the rolling mill bearing should be black; the reason for this blackness is whether the steel used in the bearing can pass and it The grinding process and the cutting fluid used, etc.
When taking SKF bearings directly by hand; wash the sweat on your hands thoroughly; apply high-quality mineral oil and then intermittently operate; especially in the dry season and summer, pay special attention to rust prevention.
Even dust that is invisible to the naked eye enters the bearing; it also increases bearing wear; oscillation and noise.
Under certain special operating conditions; SKF bearings can achieve a longer life than the traditional competition; especially in the case of light loads. These special operating conditions are; when the rolling surface (track and roll) is smoothed The oil film effectively separates and restrains the appearance damage caused by the pollutants. In fact, the purchase of bearing people pays attention; under the dream conditions; the so-called Yongshi rolling mill bearing life is able.
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