Chinese and New Chinese styles distinguish between Chinese and New Chinese styles

The Chinese style is an interior design art style of Chinese classical architecture represented by the palace building. It is magnificent, magnificent and luxurious, high space, deep into the depths, carved and painted, and the golden wall is brilliant. The style is symmetrical, and the contrasting decorative materials are mainly made of wood. The pattern is multi-dragon, phoenix, turtle, lion, etc. It is finely crafted and magnificent. However, the Chinese-style decoration has a high cost and lacks a modern atmosphere, and can only be used in the home. Let's take a look at the difference between Chinese and New Chinese and the Chinese and New Chinese styles.


The difference between Chinese and New Chinese:

Chinese style is generally divided into two types, modern Chinese style and new Chinese classicism.

The new Chinese style mainly includes two basic contents. One is the interpretation of the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style in the current era; the other is the contemporary design based on the full understanding of Chinese contemporary culture. The new Chinese style is not a purely elemental building. Instead, it combines modern and traditional elements through the understanding of traditional culture, and creates traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, making traditional art suitable in today's society. The embodiment.

Relative concept, Chinese style is biased towards tradition, such as traditional calligraphy and painting, traditional imitation Ming and Qing furniture, antique decorations, suitable for middle-aged and elderly living spaces. The new Chinese style can be said to interpret the Chinese style in a modern way. The form is more lively, bold in color, and the structure is not symmetrical in Chinese style. Furniture can be mixed with more choices than mahogany. Abstract decorative paintings, ornaments can also be used with abstract conceptual works of oriental elements. In short, the new Chinese style must have the shadow of the Chinese style, embody the oriental charm, have personality and avoid alternatives, this style is suitable for young people.

Chinese style features:

Classical and elegant Chinese style

In the Chinese style decoration, the Chinese national style is indispensable, especially in the color, the application of vermilion, blush, brown and so on. That is to say, the solemn color is dominant. The design is quiet and elegant, and such Chinese decoration will feel very eye-catching, because each time you look at the angle is different, the feeling is different, and different people see the effect is not the same. In the Chinese-style decoration, the emphasis is on the integration of national style and Confucianism. Such decoration is generally suitable for middle-aged people or friends who are obsessed with traditional culture.

Chinese style features can incorporate new elements

The Chinese style of decoration is not a constant layer. It is difficult to say that it is in a completely unchanging state in modern society. Completely unchanged, it has become an ancient food, so in the Chinese style, it will also incorporate some modern elements. Such as modern materials, modern design concepts, modern modeling elements. Of course, these are embellishments. It can't change the traditional style mainstream. Under the embellishment of modern elements, the traditional Chinese style is more dynamic and vital, and more accepted and passed down by the public.

Chinese style features furniture and lighting options

The choice of furniture in the Chinese style is to use traditional furniture or traditional classical furniture, and also to decorate the home with new Chinese furniture. Classical furniture is generally dominated by Ming and Qing furniture. If it is a new Chinese style furniture, it can also be equipped with some elements of the simple and elegant Ming furniture. In the accessories, some common porcelains, pottery works, Chinese window cuts, traditional Chinese paintings, traditional calligraphy and painting products can be used to embellish. In terms of lamps, modern lamps can also be styled in a classic style, especially when doing wall lights. If you choose Chinese decoration, you need to understand the characteristics of Chinese style, otherwise it will easily become four.


New Chinese style features:

First, the culture of the new Chinese style.

The so-called change does not leave its ancestors, and any style of interpretation has its own specific cultural background as a support to convey the pursuit of life in a specific cultural atmosphere. Then the new Chinese style is based on the traditional Chinese classical culture. It creates a living space full of Chinese romantic atmosphere, such as mahogany, blue and white porcelain, purple sand teapot and some mahogany crafts, which reflect the rich beauty of the East, which is the difference between the new Chinese style and other styles. This minimalist style has permeated the civilization of the East China for thousands of years. It is not only timeless, but the longer it is, the more fascinating the charm of the East.

Second, the combination of new Chinese style features.

The traditional Chinese style furniture is based on the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It pursues carved beams and paintings. The wooden materials are single and the colors are mainly yellow rosewood and red sandalwood. With Chinese lamps, antique calligraphy and paintings, all kinds of porcelain antiques, although beautiful, but also easy to be rigid. The new Chinese-style furniture can be described as a variety of products, such as high stools, window sills, circle chairs and other modern elements such as glass, fabric, metal, etc., can evolve into countless products. But this does not mean that the new Chinese style can be arbitrarily chaotic, it is not a simple stack of classical and modern. Only the perfect proportion of furniture, clever "to borrow ancient and modern", and reasonable material fusion is the basis of the new Chinese design. The easiest way to design is to select a certain element to change, such as blue and white porcelain, you can put blue and white porcelain bottles, you can also use blue and white pieces to form a decorative pattern, you can also choose blue and white pattern chandeliers, etc. Will naturally form a theme element. Beautiful and not dull, clever and not messy.

Third, the function of the new Chinese style features.

Some people think that Chinese furniture is not easy to use, especially in the seat, some of the lines of the Ming style seat are too horizontal and vertical, and the curve of the waist of the human body is difficult to fit. The Qing style seat has a complicated carving on the back, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. However, the new Chinese furniture combines the cultural charm of Chinese furniture and satisfies our comfortable pursuit of modern biochemical design. Such as sofa armrests, backrests, backrests of chairs, seat panels, etc., incorporating scientific ergonomic design, with strict structure and lines, the cushion of the sofa cushion part is soft, the backrest is hard, and the special waist Pillow, fit the human body curve, more humanized design.

Fourth, the harmony of the characteristics of the new Chinese style.

If Chinese furniture is a mountain, it reflects a kind of condescending domineering; then the new Chinese style is the sea, reflecting the inclusiveness of a sea of ​​rivers and the harmony of the fusion. The "harmony" of new Chinese furniture is reflected in its expression of lifestyle and the mastery of the owner's emotions. Young people admire fashion, middle-aged people prefer the atmosphere, and the elderly pursue classical. In the family of three generations of the same family, what kind of furniture can take into account everyone's feelings? Only the new Chinese style! New Chinese furniture simplifies the complicated design of traditional furniture, and incorporates modern elements, making the furniture lines more round and smooth. The new Chinese-style furniture has become the common choice of three generations of family members with its cultural charm, mixed materials, and humanized functions and designs.

The above content is the introduction of the difference between Chinese and New Chinese and the Chinese and New Chinese style features brought to you by everyone. I believe everyone will have a difference between Chinese and New Chinese after reading this article. A certain understanding. If you want to know more exciting home improvement content and the latest home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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