Children's Day furniture purchase book

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Header Children's Day is coming soon. I believe that there are many people who buy children's furniture for children on this day. Now teach you some things to be aware of when buying children's furniture.

1, colorful furniture to check decomposable aromatic amine

The new standard: "General Technical Standards for Children's Furniture" limits the amount of enamel, arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium on the surface of furniture, which is increased by 4 kinds compared with the standard of adult furniture. The free formaldehyde in leather and textile fabrics must be 30mg/kg (higher than the standard of 75mg/kg for adult furniture), and the use of decomposable aromatic amines (not required for adult furniture standards) is prohibited. In addition, the phthalate in the plastic is also limited to 0.1%.

Purchase reminder: After purchasing children's furniture after August, you should ask the merchant for a test report to see if the upper limit substance is qualified. Especially when buying colorful children's furniture, focus on whether it contains decomposable aromatic amines. Decomposable aromatic amines are used in industry for dyeing, which is not only inexpensive, but also difficult to fade after dyeing, but it is extremely harmful. There is a saying that if 20 years later, cancer may have been caused by wearing a pair of underwear that uses decomposable aromatic amines 20 years ago.

2, closed furniture must have ventilation function

New standard: When the children's furniture products have airtight and confined space (such as the space formed by the door or cover and other parts), and the closed continuous space is greater than 0.03m3, the internal size is greater than or equal to 150mm, a single opening area should be set to 650mm3, the distance Two unobstructed ventilation openings of at least 150 mm, or a ventilation opening equivalent to two 650 mm3, and the door cannot be fitted with an automatic locking device with a small opening force.

Purchase reminder: This may be a problem that some parents can easily ignore when purchasing a wardrobe or side cabinet for their children. Because of the familiar adult furniture design, this requirement has not been emphasized.

In fact, the child's playful nature determines that they often like to play in the small space such as the bottom of the table, the bottom of the bed, the closet, the closet, etc., and design the vents for the wardrobe or other closed furniture in the children's room, which can effectively prevent After the child entered the house, there was a grief and tragedy such as suffocation. Most of the children's furniture that is about to be eliminated may be considered in this aspect. Before you place an order, you must remember to check whether there is a vent inside the furniture. The ventilation is good. If you use a little force, you can easily switch the door.

3, there are dangerous protrusions to add a protective cover

New standard: children's furniture products can not exist dangerous sharp edges and tips, the outer corners can be touched from the ground below 1600mm, the edges and edges must be rounded or chamfered, and the rounding radius is not less than 10mm, or inverted arc The length is not less than 15mm. If there is a dangerous protrusion, a protective cap or cover is added to protect it.

Purchase reminder: You can directly observe the corners of the bed, desk, chair and other small furniture that you plan to purchase, and the position below 1.6 meters, whether it has been rounded or chamfered, or whether there are protruding parts. Protective design. If there is no or only partial protection, this kind of children's furniture is about to be eliminated, and there are safety hazards in children in daily life, and the price is lower, so you need to buy it carefully.

4, the amount of formaldehyde released from wooden parts must be above E1 level

New standard: The formaldehyde emission of wooden parts refers to the requirements of GB18580. GB18580 has clear regulations on formaldehyde release limits for interior decoration materials, wood-based panels and their products. The formaldehyde emission of various artificial boards must reach E1 level for indoor use.

Purchase reminder: The standard only limits the formaldehyde emission of furniture materials, and does not limit the total amount of formaldehyde released from the finished furniture. It is also difficult to achieve under the existing testing conditions. Therefore, when consumers purchase, using the nose to smell and view the test report is the main method to directly determine whether the amount of formaldehyde released exceeds the standard. In the same space, if too much furniture is placed, it will also produce a superposition effect of formaldehyde, so when purchasing, choose a product with a low formaldehyde emission.

5, should identify the applicable age range of the product

New standard: The applicable age range of the product should be clearly indicated in the instructions for use, namely “3 years old-6 years old”, “3 years old and above” or “7 years old and above”. The mechanical properties of different age groups are different. As long as the furniture of the age group of "7 years old and above" is included, the mechanical properties are higher.

Shopping reminder: Children are curious about the world, love to beat and run on the bed, so children's furniture can withstand the children toss. When purchasing, carefully inspect the furniture and connectors, and there are loose furniture, deformation, breakage, etc., or children's furniture without anti-pull device. It is not recommended. In addition, it is preferable to purchase children's tables and chairs with the ability to adjust according to changes in height. [ Follow the WeChat public number "Jiuzheng Furniture Network"; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities ]  


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