Britain considers ban on the sale of scrub-based cleansing products containing plastic granules

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Scrub cleansing products are products that add some tiny particles to ordinary cleansing products to help remove skin dirt and aging keratin. The tiny particles in different origins or merchants are different. The tiny particles in some scrubs are made of plastic. They are small and not degradable, and eventually flow into the sea with water. Therefore, many countries, including the United States, have banned the sale of scrub-based cleansing products in China.

According to reports, the UK has also considered starting a unilateral ban on scrub-based cleansing products. Although in the EU, such products are still allowed to be sold, British Environment Minister Rory Stewart said that more countries will be reached to reach a consensus.

The world-famous environmental organization "Greenpeace" also expressed its support for the unilateral ban that the UK may pursue. “Greenpeace” is one of the main organizations for the pollution of plastic products. The head of the organization’s Ministry of Oceans believes that the UK’s unilateral ban can be stricter than the United States, which only targets a limited number of products.

The ban is mainly aimed at the fine particles contained in the scrub-based cleansing products. Some products are added with tiny particles made of plastic instead of natural plant tissues such as fruit seeds or walnut shells. Therefore, it cannot be degraded and will eventually be enriched in the stomach of marine organisms, thereby endangering humans themselves.

A survey of 504 fish species in the English Channel shows that about one-third of fish have been found in small plastic particles. Although on average, it is only about two small particles per fish, these particles not only affect fish, but also those tiny organisms located at the bottom of the food chain.

The British government has recommended that major health product manufacturers consciously join the action of protecting the Earth, which is also supported by manufacturers such as Unilever and L'Oreal. But at the same time, many scholars and netizens said that the pollution of frosted particles is nothing compared to the pollution of other plastic products, not worth mentioning. Not to mention that not all abrasive products use plastic pellets, so this ban may not have any substantial contribution at all. But Dr. Eric Sebil, from Imperial College London, believes that the ban can improve marine pollution in other ways because it is closely related to the public's life and can emphasize the importance of environmental protection to the public.

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