Application of Cyclodextrin in Environmental Pollution Control

Cyclodextrin has a hydrophobic cavity and a hydrophilic outer edge that forms a complex with many organic compounds. Environmental workers use this characteristic of cyclodextrin to treat weakly polar organic pollutants. The characterization of the inclusion complex of cyclodextrin with organic pollutants has a significant effect on the biological activity of contaminants. The concentration of contaminants in the water after inclusion with cyclodextrin is reduced, and the biological activity of the contaminants is usually reduced.

In the process of treating industrial effluent with activated sludge, the toxic substances in the sewage often poison the activated sludge and reduce the degradation capacity of the activated sludge. At this point if the activated sludge in the addition of a small amount of cyclodextrin, can effectively reduce the toxicity of toxic substances, improve the activity of sludge.

Î’-Cyclodextrin is widely used in the adsorption of environmental pollutants due to its unique structural properties and physical and chemical properties, and the carriers used in immobilization include inorganic materials, organic macromolecule materials and natural product macromolecules. The biodegradation of cyclodextrin can not only give full play to the congenital advantages of cyclodextrin, but also combine the advantages of immobilization, improve the adsorption performance and recoverability of the material while reducing environmental pollution, Material "green" is of great significance.

Sulfobutyl/Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin including Sulfobutyl Beta Cyclodextrin and Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin.

Sulfobutyl Ether-β-cyclodextrin

Our offered Sulfobutyl Ether Beta Cyclodextrin Sodium is sulfonated modified sodium salt of Betacyclodextrin. It`s also called butyl ether Betacyclodextrin thiosulfate sodium. The appearance is light yellow or white powder, it`s our new developed new type pharmaceutical preparations excipient products and be the best water-soluble cyclodextrin products for the current series of cyclodextrin. It`s mainly used as an insoluble drug carrier, which can significantly improve drug solubility and bioavailability. The product quality is excellent and has been quantities exported to India, the United States and other markets.
Packing and storage:
The packing meets the national pharmaceutical packaging requirements
Specifications: 15 kg / drum 
Storage and transportation: It should be protected against moisture, water, fire and pollution.
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CAS 128446-36-6 Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin

Methyl beta cyclodextrin(Beta-cyclodextrin, methyl ethers)is one kind of modified beta-cyclodextrin, it has not only the general chanracteristics of Betacyclodextrin, but also has better solubility, especially for oiles. In medicine Methyl-beta-cyclodextrin can increase the solubility of the medicine, increase the good effect and reduce the number. At the same time, it can control the reactive speed of the medicine, increase the stability of it. Methyl-beta-cyclodextrin is mainly used in oral medicine. 
Package: Chinese qualified wrappage. 
Advanced and strong container: 10kg/carton 
Paper and wooden container: 10kg/fiber drum 
Caution Away from water, wet, fire and pollution 


Sulfobutyl/Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin

Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin, Sulfobutyl Beta Cyclodextrin,Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin,Brown Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin

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