3 new national standards for the detection of hazardous substances in furniture will be introduced

On November 19th, at the National Furniture Industry Standardization Work Conference held in Langfang, "Limited Quantity of Hazardous Materials in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials" (20073020-Q-607), "Software Furniture Mattress (Mattress Decoration Effect Picture)" Limits of Hazardous Substances (20080836-Q-607), "Limited Quantity of Hazardous Substances in Soft Furniture Sofas (Sofa Decoration Effect Drawings)" (20080837-Q-607) (hereinafter referred to as '3 items of harmful substances for furniture) Hot spots, as a new type of testing standards, attracted the attention of reporters. In this regard, the reporter interviewed Zhu Changling, director of the National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee.

It is understood that the detection of harmful substances in traditional furniture is to cut off a piece of complete furniture and put it into a sealed box for 24-hour air quality testing. Compared with the new standard, this type of detection has the following three defects: First, the furniture to be inspected will suffer huge damage and the damage will be irreversible; Second, the sealed box is only a part of the furniture and cannot completely present the harmful effects of the whole piece of furniture. Material content; Third, simple detection of formaldehyde content in confined space, other harmful substances can not be detected; Fourth, testing can only detect wood furniture, mattresses, sofas can not be detected. Compared with the traditional sealed box inspection, the three national standards for harmful substances are obviously limited.

First, the loss detection will be non-destructive testing

The detection method of the three national standards for harmful substances in furniture is to use the climate box test, that is, the whole piece of furniture is put into the climate box to avoid damage to the furniture and ensure the integrity of the furniture. Not only that, the climate chamber test detects and fully presents the harmful content of the whole piece of furniture in the flowing air, and the detection is more comprehensive.

Second, the sofa, mattress into the scope of detection

At present, China's testing standards for furniture odor are based on the national "interior decoration materials - limit of harmful substances in wooden furniture" (GB18584-2001), or GB18584-2001 ("Limited substances in wooden furniture"). But both standards are for wood furniture products, not for sofas. The current standards for sofa odor detection have not yet been introduced. Only sofa quality testing standards.

Zhu Changling said that the three national standards for harmful substances in furniture are not only wooden furniture, but also "sofa and mattresses." "Limited harmful substances in soft furniture mattresses" (20080836-Q-607), "Software" The Limitation of Hazardous Substances in Furniture Sofas (20080837-Q-607), the introduction of these two standards will effectively detect the content of toxic and harmful substances in sofas and mattresses, thereby judging whether the release of harmful substances in sofas or mattresses exceeds the standard.

Third, the test content is not only formaldehyde, but also VOC

“Previously, furniture testing only detected formaldehyde. Now it is not only formaldehyde but also VOC (volatile organic compounds), which is widely used according to the American BIFMA (full name Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association). Made after the study." Zhu Changling said.

The reporter learned that in the past, the atmospheric method was used to detect the single measurement of formaldehyde content in a confined space. Now in the climate chamber, it detects various problems such as formaldehyde and VOC contained in the air flow. At the same time, the content of toxic and harmful substances volatilized in the atmosphere and volatilized in a closed space is definitely different. Therefore, the new national standard test is more detailed and scientific.

After the implementation of the new standard, where to test in the future, Zhu Changling said: "Go product certification." Testing will not only test the product, but also cover the entire production process, from raw materials to the factory, production process standards, to products After the output, the whole process is tested and certified after passing the test. The detection is changed from the rear to the front, and the establishment of the Furniture Testing Center Technology Alliance is to calibrate the testing standards, help companies find the cause of the problem and adjust production.

Not only that, the new national standard test will also effectively help consumers solve consumer disputes. It is only necessary to put the furniture into the climate chamber for testing, without damaging the furniture, ensuring the integrity of the furniture. It is also very beneficial to analyze the causes of indoor air quality testing.

Zhu Changling said, "This is a very technical thing." This technology involves data, equipment, technician training and other issues. The long testing time and high testing cost have become the main reasons for the new national standard to be launched this year and next.

Chengdu home network editor, the article comes from the Internet.

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